The Enterprise Certifying Skills Passport

The Certifying and Universal Skills Passport for Competitiveness and Employability

SkillsBoard is a certifying & universal Skills Passport empowered by a collaborative talent, learning & knowledge management solution.

The solution is backed by collective and artificial intelligence. It delivers accurate & reliable HR data and analytics to improve workforce planning and upskilling and reskilling strategies.

Collective intelligence connects employees, managers, HR and evaluators (trainer, mentor, peer, customer, machine…) ensuring reliable and objective assessments, feedback and HR data.

Artificial intelligence offers smart career, learning & development recommendations to best support each user in their decisions.

Finally, the skills passport increases engagement while providing a truly unique Employee Experience.

SkillsBoard benefits for Your Company

  • for management: 360° objective talent and learning management, accurate gap and ROI analysis, customized recommendations, and above all better employee engagement
  • for employees: a unique and innovative way to get skills recognized and valued throughout their entire career

SkillsBoard features

  • Job, project and skills catalogues management
  • Agile talent and learning management
  • Extended company knowledge & talent management
  • Training & assessment management
  • Knowledge transfer
  • 360 assessments and feedback
  • Skills cartography
  • Skills analysis and matching
  • Skills Passport
  • Dashboard and reports
  • Career Path
  • Smart career, learning & development recommendations
  • Gamification services
  • Development & learning marketplace 
  • Integration with HRIS & HCMS (API)

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Strengths of

  • A universal and certifying Skills Passport
  • A collaborative talent & learning management solution
  • Reliable and objective HR analytics demo and screenshots customers

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Connection to Live Data Sources
Activity Monitoring
Data Import/Export
Drill Down
Interactive Dashboard
Objectives Management
Recommendation & Decisions
Application Customization
Software Layout & Themes
User Group Interface
Application Settings
Data Duplication
Management of Rights
PDF Export
User Management
Data Import & Export (CSV, XLS)
Career Management
Individual Career Path
Internal Mobility
Android App Development
Application Lifecycle Management
Auto Scale
Bug Tracker
HTML5 App Development
iOS App Development
Talent Management
Employee Performance and Potential Changes over time in employee performance ratings
Individual Talent Profile
Skills Management
Yearly Review annual assessment or appraisal
Career Evaluation
Career Opportunity Management
Attendance Sheet
Certification Management
Course Dates & Schedules
Objectives Evaluation
Students Inscription
Trainers Management
Training Course
Training Program
Training Sessions Planning
Skills Map


Integration & Interoperability
Social Networks Integration
API, Web Service Restful APIs

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