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StaffCircle Overview

StaffCircle is an all-in-one culture and performance management platform for expanding businesses. Create a unified company culture that improves employee retention, reduces risk, and increases productivity while giving staff a suite to tools to manage their employee experience.

Breakdown information silos with timely and relevant communications delivered straight to your people’s pockets to keep the whole workforce in-the-loop. Connect the dots of company culture – vision, values, people, and behaviours – to align teams around the company mission and create a high-performance, values-driven culture.


  1. Visibility of engagement and performance metrics at-a-glance
  2. Visibility for leaders of KPIs and progress against company/department goals
  3. Get regular feedback on employee sentiment and advocacy

StaffCircle Features

Employee Engagement

  • Employee Net Promoter Score
  • Employee sentiment tracking
  • Values and culture alignment
  • Employee voice & feedback

Internal communications

  • Branded communications portal
  • Company & personal news feeds
  • Document storage & employee directory
  • Email, app, & SMS notifications

Employee Rewards

  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Manager-to-peer recognition
  • Values-based employee awards
  • Rewards points & leaderboards

Performance management

  • Personal development plans
  • On-going performance management
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Peer & self-appraisals

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Strengths of StaffCircle

  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement
  • Internal communications

StaffCircle demo and screenshots

Link company objectives with individual objectives to show everyone how their work impacts company results. Designed for desktop, mobile, and table for complete accessibility whenever, wherever. Advanced appraisals template builder. Send urgent communications to the whole workforce. Personal objectives dashboard allow employees to track progress. Peer awards can be given to employees for living the company values. 360 reviews allows for performance feedback from managers, colleagues and customers.

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