CodeScreen: in summary

CodeScreen is a technical assessment platform that provides coding assessments designed to solve the challenge of accurately determining a candidate's technical skills during the hiring process.

The CodeScreen platform provides realistic and asynchronous coding assessments that are automatically graded, allowing recruiters and developers to save time while getting faster a more accurate insight into a candidate's future job performance.

CodeScreen is particularly useful for companies that hire many software developers, receive many job applications, or hire for fully-remote jobs. It is also an ideal solution for companies that already use take-home tests.

CodeScreen's unique selling points (USPs) include:

  • Real-World Assessments, which replicate real-world problems that developers usually face in their day-to-day jobs
  • Real-World Environment, which allows candidates to take assessments in an environment they are most comfortable and familiar with.
  • Custom Assessments that enable companies to import and update existing take-home tests or create assessments that test for specific skills relevant to their company or domain, such as FinTech or Web3.
  • Live Coding with Context, combining the scale of take-home tests with the personal interaction of live coding interviews, and increasing the accuracy of live interviews by allowing candidates to first solve the assessment in their own time and comfort and then discuss their solution in the interview. 

Its benefits

Increase Accuracy

Improve Candidate Experience

Decrease Time-to-Hire

Remove Bias

Standardize Brand

CodeScreen - Video
CodeScreen - Library Assessments: 100+ assessments to choose from.
CodeScreen - Custom Assessments: Customize assessments in 30+ languages.
CodeScreen - Automated Grading: Detailed report on each candidate's performance is automatically provided.
CodeScreen - Candidate Report: Detailed analysis report on the candidate’s performance.
CodeScreen - Live Coding with Context: Have Live Coding Interviews in CodeScreen with the most promising candidates.
CodeScreen - Cheating Prevention: Multidimensional toolkit to detect and mitigate cheating.
CodeScreen - Analytics & Reporting: Easily understand the key metrics in the screening process.
CodeScreen - Anonymous Mode: Screen candidates based on merit, not assumptions.

CodeScreen: its rates

/month /1,000 users
/month /100 users
On demand

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