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Streamline your hiring process with pre-employment testing software. Identify top candidates quickly and easily.

With customizable assessments and detailed reporting, you can make informed hiring decisions. Reduce turnover and increase productivity with this powerful tool.

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Streamline pre-employment testing with robust coding assessments and detailed analytics.

CodeScreen offers a comprehensive solution for companies looking to enhance their hiring process with accurate, tailored pre-employment testing. This platform empowers organisations with detailed candidate coding assessments, automatic grading, and deep analytics for insightful evaluation. Its versatile test bank caters to various programming languages and skill levels, facilitating a seamless match between job specifications and applicant competencies.

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Increase Accuracy

Improve Candidate Experience

Decrease Time-to-Hire

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Streamline your hiring process with powerful recruiting software. Automate job postings, applicant tracking and candidate screening.

Bizneo ATS offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies recruitment. Its advanced features include custom workflows, interview scheduling, and integrated reporting. Save time and resources with this comprehensive tool.

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Agile multiposting in more than 70 job portals

Integration API with more than 30 world-class softwares

Extension of video interviews available

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Paid version from €75.00 /month

Streamline your learning with our powerful LMS software. Manage and deliver courses, track progress, and engage learners with ease.

Our LMS software simplifies the learning process by providing a user-friendly interface, customizable course creation tools, and advanced reporting features. With evolCampus, you can easily create and manage courses, track learner progress, and encourage engagement through interactive quizzes and discussions.

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Easy to use for both learners and administrators

Customizable: adapt it to your corporate image!

Fully integrable: Join it with your Web, E-Commerce ...

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Pre-employment testing software that assesses coding skills through gamification.

Provides a library of challenges in multiple programming languages and difficulty levels. Offers real-time feedback and performance tracking to improve candidate screening.

Read our analysis about CodinGame by CoderPad Benefits of CodinGame by CoderPad

Easy to use: create a campaign in under 1 mn!

Great applicant experience with high completion rates

Reliable thanks to a cutting-edge anti-fraud system

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Paid version from €29.00 /month

Streamline your recruitment process with this software designed for HR professionals. Easily manage candidates, schedule interviews and track progress.

This recruiting software offers a user-friendly interface and customizable workflows to fit your organization's needs. With advanced analytics, you can measure your recruitment success and optimize your hiring strategy.

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A simple and ergonomic solution

A team of specialists will support you and your project

A broadcast in a few clicks

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