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Of sourcing To the selection of the right candidate, Otys Accompanies recruitment firms, temporary agencies, engineering firms, software companies, small businesses and large groups in their processes of Recruitment.

An application to manage its recruitment campaigns

The application Otys Simplifies the sourcing of candidates. It allows you to Find the right candidate And Identify opportunities of recruitment:

  • You install a Candidate Portal Which is grafted to your website and allows users to file resumes
  • You put up a Coopting program That allows your employees to propose candidates and enrich your database
  • You find the interesting profiles in your Cv and on Linkedin From keywords registered in the tool
  • You Create jobs, save job profiles and post them to your website, social networks, ad sites and other jobs Boards

TheMatching Otys"Analyze your candidate base to find those who meet the criteria of your bids.

Otys accompanies you throughout the recruitment process:

  • The tool allows you to Create WEB Sites Recruitment with content, questionnaires specific to different job offers and optimized SEO
  • Chat, email, SMS, newsletter, blog, Otys Has different Communication tools To facilitate interaction between recruiters, candidates and internet users
  • Otys centralizes all exchanges in the various application files of the tool

Of Statistics To measure the performance of its recruitment campaigns and current trends: time and cost of hiring, source of candidates, etc.

Otys CRM and Task management

Additional modules have enriched Otys To transform it into ERP:

  • A CRM Allows you to manage your contacts, prospects and business activity: calls, reminders, e-mails, appointments, etc.
  • A Project Manager Simplifies the organization of its activities: management of tasks, missions, times, invoices, etc.

All modules have a Dashboard To get a summary view of the performance of the company and the different projects.

The software Otys is available on any media: PC, smartphone and tablet.

Editor: OTYS France

Strengths of OTYS Recruiting Technology

  • Completely customisable
  • Modular built software
  • 100% webbased software
  • Certifications: ISAE 3402

OTYS Recruiting Technology demo and screenshots

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OTYS Recruiting Technology customers

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OTYS Recruiting Technology pricing and features

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Data Import/Export
Drill Down
Application Settings
Data Import & Export (CSV, XLS)
PDF Export
Billing & Invoicing
Custom Invoices
Sending Invoices by Email
Planning Overview
Shared Calendars
Task Management
Chat Box / Instant Messaging Live discussion via a Webchat
Contact Manager Search and organization application for professionnal contacts
Notifications Email, sms, or pop-up window that alerts you of an action
SMS Short Message System
Web Mail (Email Management) Sending and receiving emails
People Management
Activity monitoring
Workforce management
Working Time Management
Applicant Follow-up
Applicant Relationship
Application Workflow
Automatic Ranking of Candidates
CV Import
Candiate Search
Career Website
Collaborative Recruitment
Cover Letters & Resumes Indexation
Employer Brand and Reputation
Employment Offers Management
Integrated Job Board
Interim Workforce Management
Job Descriptions Sharing Over Social Networks
Job Interview Invitation
Job board Integration
Pre-Recorded Job Interview
Recruitment Process
Recruitment Tests and Results
Sales Force Automation
BtoB Approach
Customer Portfolio Groups of customers
Lead Management Managing prospective customers from generation of leads to their conversion into sales and long-term relationships.
Opportunity Management Deal that can possibly be gained following the qualification of a lead
Sales Report Conversion rate, team performance, best sales


Configuration Support
Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)

Data hosted in the following countries: Belgium, Netherlands

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