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Developed by the company Zenefits, Zenefits is a software from the United States, where similar software programs are created. Zenefits has a rating of 4/5 and is very well known. It is frequently marketed at a price of $0.01/year so, if you are looking for a time tracking software, Zenefits is sure to satisfy your needs.

What are the advantages of Zenefits?

  • Needs, such as updates, support, so you can always benefit from the latest versions, will be managed by Zenefits, without you having to worry about it.
  • On Mac, Linux or Windows, Zenefits will be readily available through your browser. The software has no storage requirements, making it easy to use on a daily basis. The data is then stored on Zenefits.
  • Amongst various features provided by Zenefits, you can benefit from knowledge base (tutorials, demos), strict control of server access and online training (webinar), which is important for work management.

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