ActiveCollab: in summary

ActiveCollab is an all-in-one time tracking, task management and invoicing tool. It's a powerful, yet easy-to-use solution that businesses can use to monitor their team's activity across multiple projects. It's the project management software that gives you complete control of your work. 

Why Should You Choose ActiveCollab?

ActiveCollab allows you to plan and organize your entire work, from start to finish. You can communicate and collaborate with your team, other teams in your company, and most importantly your clients. Track your time, evaluate progress, and measure the impact your business is making. 

You can then generate reports and issue invoices based on time entries. Moreover, ActiveCollab's integrated online payment gateways will make billing your work a breeze.

What Are ActiveCollab's Features?

ActiveCollab's features fall under six categories: work management, team collaboration, time management, resource management, client management, business profitability. 

Some features include: 

Work Management:

  • Unlimited Projects: Create an unlimited number of projects
  • Import Projects: Import your projects into ActiveCollab from other programs like Asana, and pick up where you left off
  • Sample Projects: Start off with project templates and see all the possible features you can use, and how you can organize
  • Invite Teams and Clients: Collaborate with your colleagues and clients by inviting them to tasks in just a few clicks 
  • Project View: Choose between Kanban, Gantt, List, or Calendar view to best manage all your tasks
  • Project Sorting: Easily sort and filter through projects by client, category, label, and more
  • Complete/Duplicate Task List: Mark a whole list as finished or duplicate task lists instead of creating same tasks 
  • Due Dates: Set due dates for each task 
  • Assignees: Assign each task to a team member 
  • Recurring Tasks: No need to create the same tasks every day, week, or month. Let the system take over!
  • Tasks Dependencies: Connect tasks in a parent-child relationship and always know which needs to be done first 
  • Personal Timesheet: Track time on projects and tasks and then review records 
  • Personalized Workweek: Personalize the beginning of your workweek, workdays, and non-working days 

Team Collaboration:

  • In-App Chat: Get rid of third-party messaging apps and communicate directly in app
  • Easy Collaboration: Easily track other peoples' progress 
  • Comments 

Time Management: 

  • Project Stopwatch: Track the time you've spent on a project 
  • Weekly Overview: Get an overview of where your team's time went, week by week 
  • Filter by Team: Filter out quickly whose time records you'd like to view, choose entire teams or individuals 
  • Time Report: Filter out time records by project, client, assignee, job, type, month, year, and more 
  • Estimated vs. Tracked: Compare estimated vs. tracked time records to track progress on tasks
  • Job Type: Create job types, appoint them different hourly rates, and then use them while tracking time on tasks 

Resource Management: 

  • Daily Capacity: Set up a default daily capacity for all employees or appoint custom daily capacities to each team member 
  • Overtime: Track who has too much on their plate and has to work over their daily capacity 
  • Assignment Overview
  • Days off: Keep track of all days off in one convenient place
  • Date Picker: When scheduling a task, you'll know if an assigned person is free
  • Workload: Vacations and non-working days will appear in Workload, so you'll know who's there, and who's not 
  • Task Reports: Create custom reports of all tasks, filter them out, and export them as a CSV file when necessary 
  • Roles: Appoint different user roles to each employee and client, control what others can do in ActiveCollab 


There are three pricing options:

  • Free: For personal use or groups of up to three members 
  • Plus: $9/month, for small groups of up to three members 
  • Pro: For larger teams and companies, $7/month/user

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Appvizer's opinion

ActiveCollab is an innovative and intuitive project management system that can be used by any company of any size. Compared to other similar programs, it goes above and beyond in terms of features and overall ease of use. 

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