4D: in summary

Since its establishment in 1984, 4D has been providing a robust and scalable platform that continuously revolutionizes application development.   

With a history of innovation in the software industry, 4D seamlessly integrates new technological trends into its products.   

The platform's core strengths lie in its power, simplicity, and multiplatform capabilities. 

By gradually incorporating modern features and technologies, 4D enables developers to innovate while maintaining the platform's ease of use. The tools provided on the 4D server for deployment, monitoring, and system maintenance are at the heart of its success. 

4D's ability to adapt to changes in operating systems, along with robust technical support, provides developers with a safety net to navigate the complexities of software development. Small businesses find 4D a cost-effective solution for developing advanced solutions without incurring high costs.  

 4D enables them to effectively compete by saving costs, whether for client/server solutions or standalone applications.   

Features such as Project Mode, markdown documentation, classes, ORDA, and more enhance the platform and signify its rejuvenation as a beloved tool.   

The 4D developer community is a significant aspect of its success, with a strong sense of belonging, shared knowledge, a festive atmosphere, and support in times of difficulty.   

Users appreciate 4D's commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and community spirit, reflected in its global presence with offices in France, Germany, the United States, Australia, and Japan.   

In conclusion, the key strengths of 4D's professional applications can be summarized as follows:   

  • Ability to increase productivity by 50%   

  • Constant adaptation to customer needs  

  •  Multiplatform application   

  • Securing key information through encrypted network communications and a flexible authentication mechanism.  

If you wish to test the platform yourself, please get in touch with our team, and we will be delighted to provide you with the capabilities of the 4D platform.  

Its benefits

• Reduced maintenance

• Sustainable & evolutive application

• Thousands of APIs for user interfaces, web access, database settings

• Fully programmable and integrated word processing and spreadsheet

• Extended programming capabilities thanks to extensive 4D components

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