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WordPress is a free platform for publishing content on the Internet. This Open Source CMS (Content Management System) is responsible for more than 50% of online websites, or about 600 million! WordPress is free as such. It remains the responsibility of the user to host his site WordPress at the service provider of his choice: OVH, 1&1, GoDaddy, Gandi, etc.

The popularity of WordPress is justified by its extremely simple format which allows to create blogs and professional websites very simply. Its environment is extremely ergonomic. Here are the features in the heart of WordPress:

  • Creating and publishing blog articles
  • Creating and publishing pages (presentation, contact, etc.)
  • Creating forms
  • Media management: images, videos, PDF files
  • Managing users with different levels of access
  • Choice of a theme among thousands available
  • Adding plugins / extensions to add functionality

WordPress is the most ergonomic and intuitive CMS. It is entirely designed for editors and content creators. It allows for example to create an article to several and to keep it in draft until it is ready for a putting on line.

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