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Creating a website or a mobile application is finally within everyone's reach! This marketing software simplifies the process of uploading your content to the web. With a Content Management System, you will be able to showcase personal websites, e-commerce websites, blogs for your fans and corporate websites. If you are looking for a way to showcase your brand on the internet, a Content Management System is the perfect tool for you!

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Our selection of 8 content management system software

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A leading Content Management System offering robust editing tools and versatile integration capabilities.

Hub CMS stands out in the Content Management System category with its intuitive editing interface, extensive customisation options, and seamless integration with various third-party apps. Designed to facilitate effortless content creation and management, it provides businesses of all sizes with the tools needed to deliver engaging digital experiences. Its advanced features support optimised workflows, enabling teams to publish content efficiently.

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Integrated CMS with a CRM and marketing platform

Ease of use

Reports, A/B testing, SEO recommendations, multilingual site

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Create stunning websites with ease using this powerful CMS software.

With a user-friendly interface and a vast library of templates, this software allows you to customize your website with ease. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes designing a breeze, while its robust features, including SEO optimization and mobile responsiveness, ensure your site is professional and effective.

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Streamline digital processes with this no-code platform, offering customisable solutions for businesses.

POWR is an innovative SaaS platform allowing users to craft, customise, and deploy digital solutions without needing to write a single line of code. It empowers businesses to streamline online forms, e-commerce integrations, and customer engagement tools through a suite of user-friendly applications. Perfect for businesses seeking to enhance their digital presence swiftly and efficiently.

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Patented live editor for instant updates

Integrates with nearly every site builder platform available (1,000+)

An extensive suite of plugins for every customer journey

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Manage and publish online content with ease using this powerful CMS software. Customisable templates and plugins make creating a website a breeze.

With a user-friendly interface and extensive plugin library, this CMS software is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Create and manage pages, posts, and media effortlessly, while also having the ability to customise your site to your specific needs.

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This software allows easy creation and management of website content using a user-friendly interface.

With a wide range of templates and extensions available, users can customise their website to their specific needs. Additionally, Joomla!'s strong community support provides helpful resources and updates for users.

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Manage your website with ease using this popular CMS software. Organize, create, and publish content effortlessly.

With a user-friendly interface, Drupal allows for seamless content creation and management. Its robust features include customizable templates, advanced security options, and easy integration with third-party applications. Perfect for businesses of all sizes.

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This CMS software streamlines website creation with its drag-and-drop interface, responsive templates, and e-commerce integration.

SITE123's intuitive interface allows users to easily create and customise their website. The software offers a range of responsive templates and supports e-commerce integration, making it a versatile option for businesses of all sizes.

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Paid version from US$1,000.00 /year

Streamlines content creation, management, and collaboration for teams.

Contento stands out in the Content Management System software category by offering comprehensive tools for streamlined content creation, management, and collaboration. Aimed at boosting productivity, it facilitates efficient teamwork, content scheduling, and seamless integration with various platforms, ensuring a smoother workflow for digital content strategies.

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Intuitive CMS designed specifically for website management

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Content Management System software: purchase guide

What is CMS software?

A CMS (Content Management System) software is a cloud-based solution that allows you to create a dynamic website easily. Most CMS have the following characteristics:

  • data integration: content is easier to upload and you will find the same icons as in word processors
  • a separation between content and form: the added content does not change the already configured layout of your web pages
  • online access: CMS software are available on the Internet with all the elements available in an autonomous database.

With a Content Management System, you can create a website in just a few clicks. Publishing content is done in real-time, without the need for any specific technical knowledge. And, some content management tools are specialized in various fields such as e-commerce, education or association management. 

To know more about website creation, discover our guides on CMS.

How does CRM software work?

CMS software is ideal to create a website without having strong technical knowledge. Exchanging with a community, defining a graphic chart or administering user access... all these tasks can be done in a few minutes with CMS software. You will be able to create your own website or online store without any difficulty thanks to this solution. All you have to do is import your texts and images. 

It should be noted that with CMS software, you can upload files in different formats. This will allow you to import photos, videos, animations or texts to improve your website. 

What are the features of CMS software?

There are many open-source and paid CMS software, but not all of them have the same features. Here are the main features of most CMS software:

  • Create pages according to a configurable graphic chart;
  • Manage users and regulate access 
  • Simple functions to extract elements from a spreadsheet or word processing software;
  • Crop, resize and compress your images;
  • Manage publication dates after validation by the main administrator;
  • Natural referencing in order to be easily found on search engines;
  • The incrementation of customizable forms;
  • Adding modules such as forums, newsletters, a glossary or news related to your company;
  • Access to a media library with photos, videos, music or various documents;
  • The management of rights by the role of each user (RBAC);
  • Multi-site management;
  • Page archiving and draft mode
  • A workflow to manage content before publication.

What are the benefits of using CMS software?

By using a Content Management System to create a website, you will be able to:

  • Reduce costs: You no longer need a large team of developers to create and manage your site. No technical knowledge is required to use open source solutions or paid software. To create a site, you just need to get started with the software in a few minutes. As this type of software is very intuitive, website creation becomes very simple. 
  • Improve workflows to better manage the content that has to be published: With this feature, your editorial team can import articles, videos or animations at the same time without any worries. The publication manager has the possibility to validate the contribution before it is actually put online.
  • Find a quick answer to your questions: Most CMS software have deployed user communities that exchange information and good tips. 
  • It is customizable: you have the possibility to add or remove modules to meet your company's needs.
  • A graphic chart that corresponds to the colors of your company.
  • Optimized and easy to understand natural referencing: Indeed, it doesn't do much good to create a sublime website if it isn't found on search engines. By boosting your natural referencing, you will gain places for a good position on search engines.

Free or paid software?

In terms of cms software, you will find open source solutions or software for creating paid sites. It then depends on the needs or features you will need. Free CMS software often offers limited functions. This type of open source solution may be appropriate if you have few needs and have not had to regularly update your website. 

If your website has many users, you will probably have to invest in a more efficient software. Workflow management is not possible with free software. Feel free to compare the offers of site editors in order to select the best cms. 
Creating your website as easy as a web developer is possible! Get incredible results by benefiting from practical and customizable web applications with cms software!

Content Management System softwares: Q&A

A content management system software helps in creating, managing and publishing digital content. It works by allowing users to upload, edit and organise content in a centralised location. This can include text, images, videos and other multimedia. The software provides tools to manage workflows, permissions and version control.

When choosing a content management system software, look for features such as ease of use, customisation options, scalability, security, analytics and SEO optimisation. A good software should also have a strong support community and integration with other software tools.

A content management system software can help your company in numerous ways. It can improve collaboration, streamline workflows, reduce costs, increase productivity, enhance security and improve customer experience. It can also help in managing content across multiple platforms and devices.

There are numerous content management system software options available in the market, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Some of the popular ones include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento. Each software has its own unique features and is suited for different types of businesses and industries.

There are several free content management system software options available, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. These software options offer a range of features and customisation options that can suit different business needs. However, free software may have limited support and may require technical expertise for customisation.