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Streamlines channel management via partnerships, automating and tracking interactions efficiently.

PartnerStack excels in enabling companies to automate and optimise their partnership channels for enhanced productivity and effectiveness. It simplifies complex processes of managing multiple partners, offering robust tracking of performance and integrations. Designed to boost sales through channel partnerships, it provides detailed insights needed for strategic decision-making and growth.

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B2B network

Partner payouts

Affiliate, referral, and reseller program management

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Referral Marketing softwares: Q&A

Referral marketing software automates the process of tracking and rewarding referrals. Customers are given a unique referral link to share with their network, and when someone makes a new purchase using that link, the referrer is rewarded. The software tracks these referrals and rewards, making it easy to manage a referral marketing programme.

Look for software that provides easy tracking and management of referrals, customisation of rewards, and integration with other marketing channels. It's also important to consider the ease of use for both customers and administrators, as well as reporting and analytics capabilities.

Referral marketing can drive increased customer acquisition and retention, as well as higher conversion rates and customer lifetime value. It's a cost-effective way to reach new customers and build trust through social proof. Referral marketing also allows for targeted and personalised messaging to potential customers.

Some of the top referral marketing software options include ReferralCandy, Ambassador, and Influitive. Each offers unique features such as customisation of rewards, automated referrals, and integration with other marketing channels. It's important to evaluate each software based on your specific needs.

Some free referral marketing software options include ReferralHero, Friendbuy, and Refersion. These software options typically offer limited features compared to paid options, but they can still be effective for small businesses or those just starting out with referral marketing.