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Choosing the positioning of a sales location requires a targeted strategy. In order to collect commercial information related to geolocation, it is important to use a marketing software.

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Our selection of 2 geomarketing software

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Geomarketing software that provides location-based insights to businesses.

Geoblink allows businesses to analyze customer behavior, optimize store locations, and create targeted marketing campaigns based on location data. Its intuitive interface and customizable reports make it easy for businesses to make data-driven decisions.

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

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Geomarketing software that analyses customer data, market trends and competition to help businesses make informed decisions.

Symaps provides real-time location-based insights, allowing businesses to segment their audience, optimize store locations and target new customers. The platform's data visualization tools and machine learning capabilities make it easy to create actionable plans.

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Reliable and up-to-date data (population, footfall, POIs)

Unique AI based models for personalized recommendations

Intuitive interface for powerful data visualization

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Geomarketing software: purchase guide

What is online geomarketing software?


Geomarketing software is a programme specially designed to set up a good location strategy in a catchment area. The principle is based on the analysis of geographical data and market trends which tend to differ according to location. Thanks to this IT solution, collecting accurate data and knowing the market coverage rate becomes less laborious. 

How does it work?

A wealth of information circulates on the Internet that geomarketing software publishers wanted to make the most of. Unlike the traditional method, these online solutions collect data from INSEE to make the results reliable and competitive. They do not need to be downloaded to a computer. The tool; hosted on the publisher's or a partner's server; works as soon as the user has access to the Internet. Once connected, all that is required is access to the software interface.

Since it is a SaaS programme, the data recorded is saved on the Cloud. The user can consult them at any time.

Geomarketing softwares: Q&A

Geomarketing software integrates location data with marketing strategies, allowing businesses to target specific customer demographics. It analyses location-based data to identify customer patterns, behaviours, and preferences, and can suggest the best locations for new stores or marketing campaigns.

Look for software that offers data visualization, customer segmentation, target audience identification, and competitor analysis. It should also be flexible and customizable, with easy-to-use reporting and tracking functions. Some popular options include Esri, MapInfo, and Galigeo.

Geomarketing allows for more targeted and effective marketing strategies, which can lead to increased customer acquisition and retention, higher revenue, and improved customer satisfaction. It also helps businesses identify new markets, optimize store locations, and track competitor activity.

The best options depend on your specific business needs and budget. Some highly-rated options include Esri, MapInfo, Galigeo, Google Maps, and Geopointe. Each offers unique features and pricing plans, so it's important to do thorough research before making a decision.

There are several free options available, including Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and QGIS. While they may not have all the features of paid software, they can still provide valuable location-based data and visualization tools. It's important to keep in mind that free software may have usage limits or lack technical support.