SMS Marketing Software

SMS software are ideal marketing tools that are used to have a personalised and direct exchange with prospects and customers. With a plethora of features, such as geolocalization, SMS software offers a more in-depth approach compared to traditional emailing. Moreover, with this type of software, you can carry out traditional campaigns such as transactional messages, surveys...

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Our selection of 6 sms marketing software

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Boost your marketing campaigns with powerful SMS tools. Increase conversion rates with targeted messaging, automation, and analytics.

SMSFactor's intuitive interface makes it easy to create and send personalised messages to your audience. Schedule campaigns in advance and track their success with real-time analytics. Streamline your marketing efforts and see results in no time.

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SDK, Webhooks, sub-accounts etc. with our API

Plugin HubSpot

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Paid version from €8.00 /month

Boost your email marketing with advanced automation, personalisation, and segmentation tools.

ActiveTrail's sophisticated software allows you to create targeted campaigns, track results, and optimise your strategy. With features like drag-and-drop email builders, A/B testing, and real-time analytics, you can maximise engagement and conversions.

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New emailing editor

Powerful multichannel marketing automation

Optimal deliverability

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Paid version from €9.00 /month

SMS Marketing software for effective communication with customers. Features include bulk messaging, automated campaigns, and real-time reporting.

"With smsmode, businesses can easily reach their target audience through personalised and automated SMS campaigns. The software offers a range of features, including customised messaging, scheduling, and detailed reporting to measure the success of campaigns.

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SMS Marketing software for businesses to send targeted messages to customers. Features include scheduling, personalisation, and analytics.

SMS Proxima allows businesses to create and send customised messages to their target audience at the right time. With scheduling options, users can plan campaigns in advance and track their success with detailed analytics. Personalisation features enable businesses to tailor messages to individual customers, increasing engagement and response rates.

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Boost your marketing campaigns with powerful SMS messaging software. Send targeted messages, track results and engage with your audience.

With SMS Marketing software, you can personalise your messages, schedule them for optimal delivery times and easily manage your contact lists. The platform offers a range of features to help you create effective campaigns and maximise engagement.

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SMS Marketing software that allows you to send bulk texts, create custom templates, and automate campaigns.

With TextMagic, you can easily manage your contacts, schedule messages, and track delivery and response rates. The software also supports international messaging and two-way communication, making it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes.

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SMS Marketing software: purchase guide

Tips on SMS marketing

The common point with all of your customers is that they have a telephone with them at all times. Regardless of the type of phone, the operating system (Android, IOS) and its location, you can immediately reach him/her via SMS.

Unlike emails, SMS messages are all opened and read within minutes of being received, making it the most effective marketing channel on the market. However, you should not over-exploit SMS communication as it can be considered as intrusive and have a reverse effect.

The guide to using SMS software

Using SMS software is the safest solution to reach your audience and deliver the right message. Moreover, sending mass SMS is one of the most efficient marketing channels. But there are still many rules that you should follow. Here is a complete guide on SMS software

What is SMS software?

SMS software is a marketing tool that can be used to carry out advertising campaigns or to send personalised messages to customers. It is used to send a large amount of SMS messages according to criteria selected by the sender. It is the perfect solution to communicate quickly and efficiently with customers.

Sending SMS messages via the Internet makes message routing easier and gives you the opportunity to build loyalty with your customers, who generally appreciate these short messages. On the other hand, sending SMS messages should not become intrusive and should not be done too often, otherwise, your customer will not read your messages. You need to find the right balance so that the prospect or customer does not feel pressured or feel that you are entering his or her personal sphere.

How to set up your SMS sending strategy? 

SMS campaigns are easy to set up and are also much cheaper than other marketing strategies. Businesses have been using SMS software for many years now, and it has been perfected to meet the demands of companies from all types of industries. 

By sending SMS in bulk, you don't need a large team working on the design or the visibility of the message. Writing an SMS doesn't take very long and doesn't require much effort. Moreover, sending SMS is environmentally friendly!

What should you consider when setting up your SMS campaign?

Sending advertising, informative or commercial SMS messages has been proven to work. To avoid the risk of tarnishing the relationship with some of your customers, you must :

  • Identify your target. Do not send a message that is not relevant to a customer because it can tarnish your image.
  • Respect Opt-in. This is the principle that obliges a company to ask for prior consent from its client before integrating it into a direct prospecting approach such as sending SMS messages via the Internet. You must not depart from this rule at the risk of incurring sanctions.
  • Never send SMS messages between 8:00 pm and 10:00 am from Monday to Friday, nor on public holidays and Sundays. 
  • Give your customer the possibility to unsubscribe by sending STOP SMS.

What are the features of SMS software?

Before choosing your SMS software, please take a look at the following features and advantages:

  • The cost! This is essential. You can find SMS platforms or software that offer sending SMS messages at low rates.
  • The import of contacts is easy and quite vast. You must be able to enter the number of contacts you want. 
  • The creation of groups to better target your SMS campaign. 
  • The automatic management of unsubscriptions.
  • The programming of SMS sending when you want. Being able to program is a real asset. So you send a message that has been programmed for a week or two and you don't have to worry about it anymore.
  • The management of received replies.
  • The ability to consult message templates in order to select the most relevant message for your SMS via the Internet. 
  • View detailed statistics analysis to study the relevance of your SMS campaign and the possibility to adjust it if necessary. 

Why is sending SMS interesting for your company?

SMS software is a great tool for all companies. For large structures, VSE or SME, using SMS software has many advantages:

  • Increase the loyalty of your customers by having a regular contact with them.
  • The reading rate is almost 90% and the memorisation rate is 60%.
  • The return on investment is really important unlike newsletters which are rarely read. 
  • SMS campaigns are inexpensive and will not weigh too heavily on your company's budget.
  • The message is read immediately and you can follow the opening rate.

To get a message across easily and be sure that it will be read by your customers, don't hesitate to choose one of the SMS sending software at your disposal. The customer is always reachable by SMS! What better way to send them a message!

SMS Marketing softwares: Q&A

SMS marketing software allows businesses to send promotional messages to their customers via SMS. The software can integrate with the business's existing customer database and can automate the process of sending messages. Customers can opt-in to receive messages by texting a keyword to a designated number.

Look for software with features such as message personalisation, automated scheduling, opt-out management, and reporting and analytics. Some software may also include features such as two-way messaging, integration with other marketing channels, and SMS surveys.

SMS marketing can be a cost-effective way to reach customers directly and quickly. It has high open rates and can be personalised, making it more engaging for customers. SMS marketing can also be used to drive sales, increase customer loyalty and engagement, and improve customer service.

Some of the best SMS marketing software options in the UK include EZ Texting, TextMagic, and ClickSend. Each has its own unique features and pricing plans, so it's important to research and compare to find the best fit for your business.

Some free SMS marketing software alternatives include SMSGlobal, Textlocal, and Sendinblue. These options may have limitations on the number of messages you can send or may include ads in your messages, but they can be a good way to test out SMS marketing before committing to a paid plan.