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What is content marketing software?

Content marketing software is designed to enable companies to distribute digital content (white paper, video, webinar) that is of great interest to their potential customers.

A flower shop, for example, can distribute a guide on how to make Valentine's Day success to a wide audience. People who wish to take advantage of this content to learn new things will have to leave their contact details to access it. These contacts (detected as potential customers) are thus considered as qualified leads for the salesperson who will be able to suggest his services or make commercial/promotional offers to these people.

Content marketing offers extremely high conversion rates (prospect to customer) compared to acquisition approaches such as Google Adwords, advertising banners, and others.

Functionalities of content marketing software

Content marketing software usually offers the following features:

  • Content management (white papers, webinars, etc.)
  • Registration, download, sharing, purchase statistics
  • Monitoring of the conversion funnel
  • Contact and lead management
  • Email marketing campaign management

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