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Symaps is a leading AI-based location intelligence platform designed specifically for businesses and organizations managing locations. Since 2017, it has been providing expert solutions for location planning, site selection, and retail expansion strategy to businesses globally and is currently used in 15 countries.

Optimizing Your Sales Network with Symaps

Maximizing the potential of your sales network is effortless with Symaps. Our platform allows you to analyze your network footprint, assess internal cannibalization, and benchmark against your competitors. With Symaps, you can also simulate expansion scenarios to determine the optimal size and best locations for your sales network.

Find the Best Locations

Finding the best physical touchpoints for your business is also made simple with Symaps, as users can find and rank locations based on personal KPIs, identify new areas for growth, and easily access detailed information about any location with the platform's instant insights for retail selection.

Accelerate your Retail Site Selection Process

The platform provides the ability to visualize and analyze catchment areas, compare different locations, and edit local market research with just one click, making the retail site selection process a breeze.

Works for Direct and Indirect Sales Channel

Symaps works for both direct and indirect sales channels, allowing businesses to find the best places for their touchpoints and select the best resellers for indirect distribution channels. With global coverage and reliable and up-to-date geo-data, including population, socio-demographics, footfall, and points of interest, Symaps is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to optimize their location strategy.

Its benefits

Reliable and up-to-date data (population, footfall, POIs)

Unique AI based models for personalized recommendations

Intuitive interface for powerful data visualization

Symaps - Network coverage analysis: cannibalisation, overlaps with competitors
Symaps - Network coverage analysis: cannibalisation, overlaps with competitors
Symaps - Network coverage analysis: cannibalisation, overlaps with competitors
Symaps - Site selection features
Symaps - Find the best locations
Symaps - Visualize population data, footfall and POIs on the map

Symaps: its rates

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On demand
On demand

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