StreamDisplay: Your brand new Digital Signage experience

StreamDisplay is a powerful communication tool to dynamically promote, share and/or broadcast content over the internet (WAN) or your local area network (LAN). It has been designed to particularly suit public spaces such as corporate buildings, malls, bars/restaurants, hotels, airports, train stations, ...

Digital signage has never been so playful, easy to use and intuitive!


  • Contents

    Great diversity of dynamic contents and widgets

  • Creation

    Playful, easy-to-use and intuitive drag & drop tools

  • Scheduling

    Powerful and flexible scheduling of your digital signage layouts

  • Cloud Service

    Simple management interface accessible from your favourite internet browser

  • Security

    Secured and confidential access to your online private space

  • Global Solution

    Real-time updates wherever in the world

  • Reliability

    Fail-safe operating mode ensuring service continuity

  • Scalability

    Unlimited number of digital signage displays

  • And more...

    Custom widgets, interface with databases, free upgrades, TV on/off control, ...

Editor: StreamVision

Strengths of StreamDisplay

  • Great diversity of dynamic contents and widgets
  • Real-time updates wherever in the world
  • Easy and flexible scheduling of signage layouts

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StreamDisplay customers

StreamDisplay pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

Standard: <10 écrans
Pro: 10 écrans ou +
€24.99 /month /user
€19.99 /month /user


Full HD Video
Live Video Stream
Content Management
Text Manager
Marketing Automation
Campaign Scheduling
Free-Form Tools
Live Debug
Web Design
HTML Code Edition
RSS Feed Management
Video Player


Integration & Interoperability
Social Networks Integration
Website (plugin, form)

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