Commerce Cloud: in summary

What is Commerce Cloud? 

The overwhelming majority of clients are looking for a unified and fluid buying experience. Thanks to Commerce Cloud it’s now easy and fast to find clients that match business expectations in order to close deals more efficiently. Salesforce even developed an AI program that lets you develop and automate the taking of customer information. It also gives sales professionals access to client information at every step of the sales cycle, allowing them to adapt to the needs and wants of customers. 

Commerce Cloud Benefits 

Customers are becoming more and more connected, whether that be by smartphone, computer, tablet, etc. They expect more personalized offers and experiences.

Commerce Cloud gives you the marketing tools to personalize your customers’ experience.

  • Purchase history data that allows you to build a unified experience on different channels like email, social media, your website, or even on customer portals. 

  • Direct access to the necessary information that allows you to offer quality and personalized customer experiences and service, 

  • Interface wide search of account history, main contacts, exchanges, and internal discussions, 

  • Social media management directly from Salesforce,

  • Global view of performance thanks to numerous intuitive dashboards that significantly speed up team efficiency,

  • Create personalized reports by just dragging and dropping, allowing only the most essential information to be shown  

Commerce Cloud gives you the power to be extremely precise in your real-time predictions. Performance is automatically readjusted according to new numbers, in order to help sales teams. The solution continuously boosts productivity with the mobile application that allows you to check opportunities from anywhere and monitor dashboards. It is also possible to use Visual Workflow to design and automate business processes and thus generate flexible processes for customer discounts, for example.

Commerce Cloud is a solution that allows businesses to stay ahead of the game with its agile platform. It makes it possible to develop and use personalized functionalities and thus maximize the various investments to best meet the customer's requirements.

Commerce Cloud Pricing

  • SalesforceIQ CRM Starter: €25/month/user

  • Lightning Professional: €75/month/user

  • Lightning Enterprise: €150/month/user

  • Lightning Unlimited: €300/month/user

Commerce Cloud - Screenshot 1
Commerce Cloud - Screenshot 1
Commerce Cloud - Screenshot 1
Commerce Cloud - Screenshot 2

Commerce Cloud: its rates

SalesforceIQ CRM Starter
/month /user
Lightning Professional
/month /user
Lightning Enterprise
/month /user
Lightning Unlimited
/month /user

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