Laoviland Salient Design: Revolutionize your creative uses without copyright!

Laoviland Salient Design is a digital and artistic creation software able to step-by-step transform a simple image into artwork. It is designed along two patents.

The first one is about its customizable and intuitive interface, that allows a seamless user experience for all creative profiles: Designers, computer artists, photographers, artists, teachers, art directors, communication managers, and so on.

The second one is related to the technology of visual recognition that unleashes its user’s creativity.

The Salient Design creative intelligence

With Salient Design, you can transform you photos, portaits, etc into art creations:

  • A creative controller extracts lines, stains and shapes.
    You gauge the importance of each shape to give a first artistic dimension to your project.
  • A visual customization panel allows then to modify the graphical appearance with modes as Textured, Colors, Monochrome, Hues, Inversion, Contour…
  • A restructuration field makes you able to modify the visual structure with a new aesthetical range by combining shape extraction, image rotation and work with its axis.
  • A color harmonizer offers (via its harmony selector) to apply up to 6 colors with independent control of hue and saturation.

Laoviland Salient Design operates with stackable layers. Whether you create individually each of your layers, or you import them from Garden or Kaleido, they are stackable then in the Edition window.

You can follow step-by-step each of your creations:

  • Backtracking
  • Using a huge number or layers
  • Testing combinations of layers automatically
  • Applying colored tones of one creation onto another
  • Merging layers with duplication to preserve layers

Laoviland Salient Design is suitable for both raster (bitmap) and vector images.

The creative Salient Design automation

By using the Tool menu, Salient Design offers 2 interfaces of assisted creative automation – Garden & Kaleido – that realize in real time, from your choices, multiple and original graphical proposals.

Laoviland generates automatically up to 300 compositions with Garden and thousands with Kaleido.

Using Salient Design is operating a Creative UFO

If Laoviland Salient Design is also a touch-up photo tool, it allows in the first place artists to unleash their creativity. It’s an inspiration facilitator… which alchemy “can transform lead into gold” to bring a new graphical matter, usable in an incredible way for various creative purposes:

  • Creating logos and patterns
  • Dressing surfaces
  • Creating posters, banners, and other kind of visuals for advertising campaigns
  • Conceiving tattoos or finding new designs for jewelry
  • Discovering patterns qualified to fuel luxury goods
  • Realize paintings and other artworks

Whatever you are designer, computer artist, photographer, art director, decorator, communication managers, etc. Laoviland will talk to your imagination AND help your inspiration.

Editor: Laoviland

Strengths of Laoviland Salient Design

  • Assisted Creative Automation & time saving
  • Unprecedented graphical proposal based on visual recognition
  • Copyright-free usage of picture bases

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