Atlantis Evo Gestionale: in summary

Atlantis Evo is a software produced by a company in San Marino, specialized in sales management, accounting and warehouse.

Available on the main platforms (Mac, Windows and Linux), it allows you to automate a large number of tasks, greatly simplifying the work in the company.

Here are some useful features:

    advanced warehouse management with subdivision by product group possible up to 6 levels,
    integrated dashboard for statistical analysis of sales,
    integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms,
    electronic invoicing payments to companies, individuals and public administrations, etc.

Made in Java, it is a scalable, reliable and complete solution.

Atlantis Evo Gestionale - Atlantis Evo software gestionale
Atlantis Evo Gestionale - Video 1

Atlantis Evo Gestionale: its rates and features

On demand
Accounting Balance
Accounting Dashboard
Accounting Entries
Assets Management
Attach Documents to Accounting Entries
Balance Sheet
Custom Chart of Accounts

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Atlantis Evo Gestionale
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