ManWinWin: in summary

ManWinWin is a comprehensive Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) designed for various industries. It helps businesses streamline maintenance processes, improve asset utilisation, and reduce downtime. Key features include asset management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and work order management.

What are the main features of ManWinWin?

Asset Management

ManWinWin offers robust tools to help businesses manage their assets efficiently, ensuring maximum utilisation and longevity.

  • Asset Registry - Keep a detailed inventory of all assets with relevant data and documentation.
  • Asset Tracking - Track asset location, usage, and status in real-time.
  • Lifecycle Management - Monitor and manage assets throughout their entire lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Ensure that maintenance tasks are performed on time, reducing unexpected breakdowns and improving operational efficiency.

  • Automated Scheduling - Automate the scheduling of preventive maintenance tasks based on usage or time intervals.
  • Maintenance Calendar - View and manage all upcoming maintenance tasks in a comprehensive calendar.
  • Task Prioritisation - Prioritise critical maintenance tasks to optimize resources and minimize downtime.

Work Order Management

Enhance workflow efficiency with tools to create, assign, and track work orders from inception to completion.

  • Work Order Creation - Easily create detailed work orders for maintenance tasks and assign them to appropriate personnel.
  • Real-Time Updates - Receive real-time updates on work order status and progress.
  • Reporting and Analytics - Generate insightful reports on work order history, performance, and trends.
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