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Extrabat is an online software, accessible as well on PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone. The goal is to gather all your everyday tools in a single application.
It combines the management of customers, potential customers, service contracts, customer service, sales and accounting. You also benefit from an appointment schedule that can be synchronised with your smartphone, a GPS module with route optimisation and a server space with unlimited memory capacity. In order to make optimal use of your customer data base, you have the option of creating e-mail and SMS campaigns.
For those who are out on business (salespeople, craftsmen, technicians)  the Extrabat Today application on IOS and Android offers the possibility to document their daily appointments by entering reports in voice mode and taking photos with geotags.

The software can be used offline.

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Strengths of Extrabat

  • All-in-one software solution to avoid double entries
  • PC, MAC, tablet, smartphone
  • With dedicated smartphone applications
  • Certifications: GDPR

Extrabat demo and screenshots

Extrabat-IMG_1327 Extrabat-IMG_1260(1) Extrabat-IMG_1338 Extrabat-C21BB875-6386-4B67-AC56-B9DEF0313CE0 Extrabat-9A416E84-433C-404F-8B81-91F4C9BC93AB Extrabat-3C2016B8-8B91-401D-85DE-4DF665B3E934

Extrabat customers

Extrabat-6C639BAF-E2E4-47AB-AA8C-48A48AE8A3E4 Extrabat-80136DDE-1872-4AC0-A718-7674DEF67C7A Extrabat-72FEC493-6ED9-4443-9EC5-84F51602BCAD Extrabat-0219F91F-EBA8-46BB-B856-F8FFED4B351E Extrabat-21D5B688-C00F-4998-AB9C-5CA6EF2BE2E8 Extrabat-136E7992-DA50-452C-A19F-82935C908460 Extrabat-51138D86-F77C-4F73-AF90-03C18C11BA25 Extrabat-1F469E56-A466-4D47-8CC0-12B6CEE36AF6 Extrabat-2D665BA9-1F45-4F8A-9B61-528F69C4A02E

Other features of Extrabat

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Extrabat pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

€19 /month for 10 users

A partir de 19€ Ht Par mois pour 10 utilisateurs


Billing & Invoicing
Asset Management
Client Portal
Collection Management
Consolidated Invoices
Contract Management
Credit Card Payments and Direct Debits
Delivery Note
Discount Management
Down Payment Management
Invoice ID Management
Late Payment Reminder
Payment Follow-Up
Payment by Bank Transfer
Product Bundling
Purchase Order
Quote to Invoice Conversion
Recurrent Billing
Reverse Charging VAT
Sending Invoices by Email
Subscription Management
Third-Party Payer Management
Appointment Scheduling
Calendar Syncing
Create Tasks by Email
Planning Overview
Shared Calendars
Voice Entry
Predictive Maintenance
Sales Force Automation
Access to a Collaborative Database of BtoB Contacts Source of targeted contacts that can be used for sales purpose
Automated Reminders Notification in order to call back a prospect or a customer
BtoB Approach
BtoC Approach
Business Proposition Customer engagement via product positioning (price, competition, decision making, etc.)
Commissioning of Sales Representatives
Contact Management Editing and follow-up of contacts for a given company
Contact Type Client, Prospect
Custom Quote
Customer File Import
Customer Geolocation Location of individuals or companies on a map
Customer Portfolio Groups of customers
Events History and Follow-Up Account Activity & History
Lead Management Managing prospective customers from generation of leads to their conversion into sales and long-term relationships.
Order Entry
Quote Proposal Avoidance
Route Optimization
Sales Forecasting Future sales numbers based on statistics
Sales Report Conversion rate, team performance, best sales
Salespeople Management
Segments / Populations Possibility to group contacts by type
Standardized Mail Allows you to save an email as a standardized response and use it over and over again
Services Management
Client Portal
Customer Service Reports
Intervention Receipt
Interventions Management
Interventions Report
Request for Intervention
Service Scheduling
Subcontractors Management
Tour Organization


Integration & Interoperability
API, Web Service Restful APIs
Mac OS
Windows OS
Mobile App
Offline Mode
Security & Confidentiality
Daily Backups
Financial Risk Insurance
Geographic Data Redundancy
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Strict Internal Access Controls
Configuration Support
Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)
Knowledge Base (tutorials, demos)
On-site Training
Online Training (Webinar)

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