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A global leader in integrated risk management technology and the worlds largest RMIS provider.

Expert advice, practical tips, and useful information for risk and compliance professionals

Riskonnect is the trusted, preferred source for Integrated Risk Management technology, offering a growing suite of solutions on a world-class cloud computing model that enables clients to elevate their programs for management of all risks across the company. 

Riskonnect allows organizations to holistically understand, manage and control risks, positively affecting shareholder value.

By the use of this platform companies will be able to manage risks in a more efficient way; thus allowing them to make more informed decisions, reducing company threats that could be dangerous for a company's long run. 

This platform offers a new perspective on risk management, this is specifically designed to make employees' jobs easier, faster and more effective.

Riskonnect is focused on 8 main areas, in order for a companies effective threat management:

  • Risk Management Professional
  • Third Party Risk Professional
  • Audit Professional
  • Compliance Professional
  • Healthcare Risk Professional
  • Patient Software Professional
  • Information Security Professional

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