Taiga: in summary

What is Taiga ? 

Taiga is a project management platform for multi-functional teams. 

What are Taiga's features?

Scrum : this functionality is a software development method that allows you to manage product development. It is possible to create sprints, i.e. development perimeters in which a project must evolve. It includes a list of functionalities, a follow-up of the evolution of the projects, but also the corrections to be made for the projects. When the team reaches the end of one sprint, another one starts, and this process continues until the team reaches the client's final project.

Kanban : this is a method that is used to create steps in the development of a project. Thus a kanban card is like a guide that details each task necessary in the execution of the project. 

The operation of "software as a service" or SaaS gives the possibility, moreover, to have an externalized data storage, a service carried out at Taiga, in order to facilitate the life of the users.

Taiga: its rates

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