Wrike: Collaborative project management

Wrike is a cloud based collaborative online project management software that replaces your messaging system. Wrike helps you organize your teams as well as plan tasks and activities to manage them more efficiently.

Managing Projects, Tasks and Communications with Wrike

Wrike is a powerful tool for managing projects that involves many people of various professions. Compared to complex project management tools like Microsoft Project, Clarizen, Basecamp or Redmine, Wrike is ideal for developers, marketers, creators and designers alike.

Wrike lets a project manager quickly design new intuitive projects using project templates, organize a team that will collaborate with one another as well as create tasks that you can assign to team members. The software also contains a proofing and approval process that makes it easier to examine as well as validate pictures and electronic files. Users can use image and video tagging to post their feedback as well as have the option to upload task summaries, add new comments and @mentions in real-time where they will then be notified by email. Teams have the ability share their interactive reporting on a regular basis and schedule alerts. Interactive panels provide greater functionality for visibility and precision and your workspace can be further customizable by specific projects, teams, calendars, spreadsheets etc.

All web based files and communications related to a project are synchronized into one place, facilitating collaboration with the sharing of knowledge and the search for information. Each team member has access to a clear view of current and future tasks, which are easily integrated by drag-and-drop.

Take advantage of a free and simple project tracking feature for your online project available in Wrike. This feature of the project management tool displays detailed time tracking reports for individuals, groups, clients, tasks and projects. Keep track of your schedule and improve the deliverables from your team. 

Monitor the Project Status using Calendars and Gantt Charts

The integration of management tools in an enterprise such as a Gantt chart or a calendar allow you to instantly track the developments of a project, enabling team members to quickly make decisions.

Wrike will not interfere with the agile workflow of your employees as it will seamlessly integrate into your existing IT environment. It can be simply connected to collaboration tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Apps, DropBox, Zapier, Zendesk and many others.

Wrike Compared to Trello & Asana

Wrike is a simple project and task management tool that offers many features to increase the productivity of your workflows and to allow you to reach your milestone or deadline. Some of the features offered by Wrike that are not supported by its competitors include:

  • Dynamic Gantt charts that display the entire course of a project over time
  • More complete displays: the Kanban board allows you to view more elements than some competitors such as Trello
  • Scheduling is automatically adjusted if the due date of a task is changed
  • You can enter entries simultaneously in real time as you would in a Google Doc
  • The dashboard provides a strategic vision
  • A document manager synchronized with Google Doc enables you to centralize all information about a particular project and/or the company

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Conversations and posts Collaborative discussions on a wall
Create Tasks by Email
News Feed
Note Taking Management of a task list and note-taking
Notes Sharing
Task Management
Mention Collaborators @mention to tag someone
Notifications Email, sms, or pop-up window that alerts you of an action
Document Management
Word Processing Documents Editor
Document Sharing (Files)
Document Synchronisation
Document Templates
Document Timestamp Official Timestamp on Documents
Documents Viewer
Full Document Search
Full Text Search
Real-time editing with teammates
Shared Folders
Spreadsheet Editor
Project Management
Assessment of Tasks to Be Completed
Kanban Board
Priority Management
Recurring Tasks
Task Planning Tasks roll out in order to organize the project
Custom Project Structure
Project Planning
Project Report
Project Templates
Projects Overview / Follow Up
Resource Allocation


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