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A solution to centralise your projects

KeyedIn Projects is a cloud-based Project and Portfolio Management software for companies that deal with multiple complex projects at once.

With Keyedin Projects, you can monitor the lifecycle of your projects, and manage and prioritise projects based on your resources.

Why should you choose KeyedIn projects?

KeyedIn Projects is an adaptive solution designed to offer a comprehensive view of many projects at once. It allows you to prioritise the right projects efficiently from useful dashboards. These can help you track the day-to-day progress of your projects, as well as monitor resources and budget. Thanks to this all-in-one approach, you are able to anticipate risks and ensure your projects stay on track.

The Best of KeyedIn Projects

Some of the most prominent features offered by KeyedIn Projects include: 

  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM): to get a global view of all your projects within a portfolio for easier tracking.
  • Resource management: to get real-time visibility of resources across all projects.
  • Financial management: to make sure that projects stay within the allocated budget, with integrations with Sage & Quickbooks.
  • Deliverables management: to analyse the status and completion of deliverables.
  • Task management: includes task lists, task templates, and task deadlines.
  • Reporting & analytics: allows for the creation of customisable dashboards so PMOs can review progress at a glance.
  • Workforce management: includes time tracking and expense management.

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Strengths of KeyedIn Projects

  • Centralise projects, including tasks, resources & reports
  • Adapts to your project management methods
  • Rich planning & tracking features
  • Certifications: GDPR

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