SuitePro-G: in summary

SuitePro-G is the ideal business solution to manage your projects in real time and that adapts to your needs

What is SuitePro-G?

IQar, a French Pure Project Player and software publisher, designed SuitePro-G, a project portfolio management software that has been on the market for more than 10 years now.

SuitePro-G is a pragmatic, methodological, educational, affordable, and integrated tool

SuitePro-G software’s strenghts

SuitePro-G software brings together all the best practices in project management :

  • A configurable tool that inspires a common Project culture
  • A complete tool (Programs, Project Initialization, Scoring, Kanban, Gantt chart, Complete Reporting, Project Health, Workload Plan, Budget, Risks, etc.)
  • Integrated KPIs aligned with your strategy!
  • Resource management (timesheets, tasks left to be done, etc.)
  • A tool connected to other business tools such as Teams, Power BI, Jira, Zoho, Trello, etc.
  • An innovative tool supported by its professional mobile application and its voice assistant.

The tangible benefits of using SuitePro-G?

  • Master the management of your projects, from the start of a project to its completion, including planning, execution and resources and costs control.
  • Mobilize all the stakeholders in your organization and unite on the governance process of your project portfolio.
  • Align your strategy and your project portfolio.
  • Move your project management in Microsoft Teams.

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Its benefits

Ready to deploy - Easy to use

Comprehensive and innovative functional coverage

Connected to other applications (Teams, Outlook, etc.)


SuitePro-G - Manage your projects easily with SuitePro-G Freemium, our project portfolio management solution
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SuitePro-G - SuitePro-G by IQar-Teleworking

SuitePro-G: its rates and features

Offre Saas
/month /user
Offre Premise
On demand
Activity Monitoring
Activity Monitoring
Custom Queries
Custom Queries
Data Import/Export
Data Import/Export
Interactive Dashboard
Interactive Dashboard

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