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Octopus24 is a Property Management System for Hotels and Rental Properties. It offers PMS, Channel Manager, Cleanning, Accountability, Inventory, Audit, Complete Reports, Customized Web Page, Booking Online Tool, Electronic Invoicing, among many other amazing features!

With customers in all around the world, Octopus24 is the perfect tool to Manage your Hotel. Even if it's an small or a big Hotel or if you have a couple of apartments for vacation rental, Octopus24 is what you need to use.

Manage your properties with just one click.

Connect to several channels with our Channel Manager. Update your occupancy and rates in Booking, Expedia, Agoda, Bestday, Despegar, AirBnB and many other OTAs with Octopus24

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Octopus24 demo and screenshots

Octopus24-Octopus24 - Print Calendario-más chica 3 Octopus24-Octopus24 - Print Cleaning Octopus24-Octopus24 - Print Email Configuration Octopus24-Octopus24 - Print Sales Report Octopus24-Octopus24 - Print Contabilidad

Octopus24 customers

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Octopus24 pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

Property Management Syste
Channel Manager
Motor de Reserva
US$9 /month for 10 users
US$9 /month for 10 users
US$29 /month for 20 users
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PMS for Hotels and Vacation Rentals (price per room)

Connect with Booking, Expedia, Agoda, AirBnb, BestDay, etc

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Financial Accounting
Calendar Syncing
Inventory Management
Sales Force Automation
Sales Report Conversion rate, team performance, best sales
Support for All Connected Devices
Web Design
Web Apps Creation


24/7 Support
Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)
Knowledge Base (tutorials, demos)

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