CFAST: in summary

CFAST is a SaaS solution developped 8 years ago by french telecom operators. We now have worldwide clients. 

CFAST helps you tu run your business from prospecting to billing. 

CFAST is used by MVNO's, MVNE's, service providers, A-level, B-Level or C-level telecom operators.

Each CFAST is tailored for our clients, from a plug and play solution to personalized features.

CFAST can be hosted on our servers or yours. 

Our features :

  • CRM -> hunt your futur clients on your CFAST
  • Billing -> manage your CDR, your reccuring revenues, unpaid bills in a few clicks, we also have piracy detection
  • Provisioning -> connect your CFAST to your providers and order services to them (VoIP, mobile, data or others).
  • Extranet for client -> Give acces a to a personalized extranet to your clients. They will have access to their documents, statistics or a request feature.
  • Ticketing -> Manage your trouble tickets on your CFAST
  • Reporting -> Your CFAST will generate important activity reports
  • Wholesales -> Create an ecosystem where your resselers will have acess to a CFAST branded with your colours. They will have access to your features (provisioning on your services, create a trouble ticket, charge their clients etc...)
CFAST - Home
CFAST - Home
CFAST - Home
CFAST - customer extranet
CFAST - Data provisioning
CFAST - Voice provisioing
CFAST - commissioning
CFAST - Wholesale

CFAST: its rates

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