Spendesk: Smart Spending solution for agile teams

Spendesk is smart spend management software designed for both finance teams and employees. With flexible payments, approvals, automated receipt capture and real-time spend insights, finance can decentralize operational spending across the business without any loss of control or visibility.

Employees benefit from streamlined expense and invoice management through the Spendesk website and app. So if you're spending at work, you need Spendesk.

Smart company cards for all teammates

  • Safe online purchases

    Employees use Spendesk to get access to single-use virtual Mastercard cards in a few clicks whenever they need to make a payment online.

  • Automated expense reporting

    We provide Mastercard cards for employees to pay for their offline expenses. Simply set individual budgets from your Spendesk dashboard and say goodbye to expense reports.

  • Full mobile experience for people on the go

    Access all your payments in real time from your smartphone. Also use the app on the move to easily capture and match receipts. No more lost invoices.

Centralized-real time dashboard for full control

  • Real-time spending overview

    All purchases made with Spendesk cards appear instantly in the web or mobile dashboard - so you can see who is spending company money and on what, all in real time.

  • Full control on budget and approval flows

    You decide who can spend what, and who can approve which purchase requests. New requests will be approved automatically or manually depending on your settings. They can even be validated on the go from your smartphone.

  • All your team’s subscriptions at a glance

    Save time and money by managing all your subscriptions in one place. Get notified when your cards are about to expire, and stop paying for your past employees subscriptions!

Save hours on bookeeping tasks

  • Automated expense reconciliation and reporting

    All payments made with Spendesk are automatically categorized by type and team, and paired with the right receipts. No need to file an expense report ever again or wonder who paid for what.

  • Stop chasing down invoices

    Spendesk allows you to quickly check for missing invoices and to send automatic reminders to all your forgetful teammates. A godsend for accountants.

  • Works with your existing accounting software

    Download all your payments and receipts from Spendesk and import them into your favorite accounting software in just a few clicks. You don’t need to change your habits.

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Strengths of Spendesk

  • Certifications: PCI-DSS, GDPR

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Accounting Dashboard
Accounting Data Export
Accounting Entries
Annual Reports
Cash Flow Forecasting
Consolidation and Reconciliation
Cost Accounting Cost control
Cost Centers and Analysis Centers
Dashboard & Reports
Management of Bank Statements
Secure access for your Certified Public Accountant
VAT Report / Declaration
Billing & Invoicing
Automatic VAT Management
Billing Approvals/Validation
Credit Card Payments and Direct Debits
Electronic Invoicing
Multi-currency Management Multiple currencies (euro, dollar, pound, etc.)
Payment Follow-Up
Accounting Entries Generation
Expense Advances
Expense Validation process
Expenses Monitoring
Mileage Allowance
Mileage Expense Declaration
Proof of Payment Management
Refund Management
Travel Expenses Management
URSSAF Scale Management
Virtual Debit or Credit Card
Expense Categorization
Linking Purchases to Project
Purchasing Follow-up
Supplier Invoice Management


Credit Card
Debit Card
Mobile App
Responsive Web Interface (RWD) Application crafting to provide an optimal experience
Security & Confidentiality
Access Restriction on IP Addresses
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Blockchain Technology
Daily Backups
Geographic Data Redundancy
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Strict Internal Access Controls
Total Data Reversibility
Two-Factor Authentication
Community (FAQ, Forum)
Configuration Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)
Knowledge Base (tutorials, demos)

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