iZyBoard: in summary

iZyBoard is an intuitive digital whiteboard solution tailored for teams, educators, and creative professionals. With its real-time collaboration, extensive library of templates, and integration capabilities, iZyBoard elevates productivity and streamlines project management, setting it apart from competitors.

What are the main features of iZyBoard?

Real-time Collaboration

iZyBoard enhances teamwork and communication by providing a platform where users can collaborate in real time, enabling instantaneous feedback and discussion.

  • Instant updates: Changes appear in real time for all participants.
  • Multi-user input: Multiple users can work simultaneously on the board without lag.
  • Chat and comments: Integrated communication tools to discuss project details directly on the board.

Extensive Library of Templates

Efficiency is key with iZyBoard's diverse range of templates suitable for various sectors, saving valuable time and supporting creativity.

  • Industry-specific templates: From business models to educational lesson plans.
  • Customisable templates: Modify templates to fit specific project needs effortlessly.
  • Regular updates: Frequent additions of new, user-requested templates.

Integration Capabilities

Simplify your workflow by integrating iZyBoard with the tools and apps you already use, ensuring a seamless user experience.

  • Third-party app integration: Compatible with numerous productivity tools like Slack, Trello, and Google Drive.
  • API access: Customise and automate workflows using iZyBoard's open API.
  • Single sign-on (SSO): Streamline login processes with standard SSO protocols.
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iZyBoard - Viewer - Maps
iZyBoard - Viewer - Maps
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iZyBoard: its rates

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