Toucan Toco: in summary

Toucan Toco transforms complex data into engaging visual stories for decision-makers. Designed for business users, its user-friendly interface allows easy data exploration and reporting. Key features include customizable dashboards, collaborative capabilities, and robust data integration.

What are the main features of Toucan Toco?

Customisable dashboards

Toucan Toco provides users with the ability to create and customise dashboards to suit specific needs. This flexibility enables unique and relevant visual data presentations:

  • Drag-and-drop interface for easy dashboard creation
  • Pre-built templates for a quick start
  • Interactive elements like charts and graphs to enhance understanding

Collaborative capabilities

Work together more efficiently with live collaboration features. Toucan Toco encourages teamwork and informed decision-making through real-time data sharing:

  • Multi-user access to the same dashboard
  • Commenting systems to facilitate discussion
  • Role-based access control for tailored permission levels

Robust data integration

Integrate data seamlessly from various sources into one unified platform. Toucan Toco ensures data is easily accessible and actionable:

  • Real-time data sync from multiple sources
  • API support for easy integration with existing systems
  • Data connectors for an extensive list of data sources

Its benefits

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