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Managing an association is not always easy, especially if you are not experienced in accounting. To provide you with help and to structure your administrative procedures, software companies have set up IT solutions specially designed for associations. Association management software offers many features to meet the diverse needs of managing an association.

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What is an association software?


An association management software is a complete platform that will help you to manage, from one interface, all the support functions of your association: communication, marketing, web marketing, accounting, etc...

If you do not have any skills in the accounting field, it is recommended that you use accounting management software for your association. An association management software will help you to carry out your accounting but also to manage your members or to make declarations that are essential for your structure.

A commercial management software for associations is also a great tool that can make your daily life easier!

How does it work?

Association management software has several modules: accounting, communication, etc., as well as access to your database and the history of your association's activity.

Then, each of the modules allows you to perform specific actions:

  • The accounting module allows you to carry out your accounting
  • The communication module allows you to update your contact database
  • The donation collection module allows your donors to make donations
  • Etc.

What are the main features of association software?

Association management systems are "all-in-one" tools that can be configured to manage all aspects of your association.

  • Cost accounting
  • Automatic management of accounting files: general ledger, journal, income statement, balance sheet
  • Cash Management
  • Customised chart of accounts
  • Invoice storage
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Dashboards: financial performance indicators, summary graphs
  • Follow-up of bookings or places still available in the context of events, sports or cultural events

You can use the different features of association management software to manage your association.

Manage web marketing activities

Association management software helps you participate in the digital revolution. With it, you can easily create your association's website without any technical skills and pre-requisites. You can create a trendy website accessible from any type of device (computer, smartphone or tablet).

In addition, association management software simplifies your commercial management by allowing you to carry out campaigns with your database or an identified target: emailing, SMS, surveys, direct mail, etc.

Association management software:

  • Updates the membership database for each validated membership form
  • Manages contribution remittances: contribution reminders, online direct payments, etc.

Who uses association software?

The management of an association is equivalent to the management of a company. It is in the interest of every association to use association software in its daily activity.

All-in-one software is mainly used by the association office (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary) which must at the same time ensure: management, accounting, etc.

However, for larger associations, it is recommended to use more specific tools (accounting, marketing, ERP, CRM, CMS, etc.) identical to those used for business management.

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