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Simple project and task management tool, Freelo

Freelo helps entrepreneurs, work teams, freelancers and employees to organize and collaborate as a team or individually. It increases productivity and replaces endless daily meetings, long and confusing conversations via email, whatsapp and multiple applications and the organizational chaos of the team where everyone does not know what to do, unifying with Freelo all internal and customer communication in a single tool. 

Why use a project and task management tool like Freelo?

1. Improve communication with the whole team

Freelo is so easy to use that from the very first moment the whole team will be using the tool and everyone will be able to have perfectly clear and orderly conversations, send information and documents and everyone will know what to do at all times without any information getting lost.

2. Collaborate in a simple and organized way

When you turn on your computer or your phone you will only need to open Freelo and you will be able to see all your tasks scheduled for that day, you will know what to do at all times and no information will be lost.

3. Collaboration, planning, administration and management tool for entrepreneurs, freelancers, team leaders and employees

If you have a company, are self-employed, manage a team or work for a company, Freelo is the perfect tool to organize, plan, collaborate, administer and manage all projects and tasks with your employees, colleagues, collaborators or customers.

4. Your personal projects also in Freelo

A birthday party, a wedding, an event, you can write down all the ideas and plan, manage and collaborate with other users on personal projects will be very easy.

5. Free and Paid Plans

Freelo has payment plans in which you do not pay per user as in most tools and in the end the price is much higher. In Freelo, for a monthly or yearly adjusted price, you will be able to invite all the colleagues, employees, collaborators or clients you need to your projects and tasks without restrictions.

Free plan with restrictions of active projects and users 

6. Easy exchange of information when switching from another project and task tool to Freelo

Switching to Freelo will be very easy, thanks to the easy exchange of information to Freelo and the help support in English.

Advantages of working with Freelo

  • Simple tool

  • Kanban boards

  • Overview of projects and tasks

  • Prioritize tasks

  • Integration with third-party tools

  • Time tracking of tasks

  • Entering cost into tasks

  • Clear conversations

  • Task notifications

  • Exchange and storage of files and documents

  • Sending screenshots, audio and video recordings

  • Reports

  • Statistics

  • App and web in English

  • Help support in English

The most useful features for your project in Freelo

  • Views: Calendar, in-lines or Kanban

  • Synchronize Freelo calendar with Google Calendar, Outlook or Gmail

  • Reply to Freelo tasks from your email

  • Create a task in Freelo from email

  • Notifications about task updates, also in your email

  • Automations: Recurring tasks that repeat over time, Create multiple tasks at once.

  • Reports and work reports

Of course, you will have a complete overview of the financial side of your projects. With Freelo, you will have all your projects organized, ordered and perfectly shared with your colleagues, employees, collaborators or customers.

Its benefits



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