Skeem: in summary

Skeem is an online solution that enables all creators and producers of digital content to guide their teams and customers through the entire production process.

Gain control over your digital and video productions, and boost productivity, comfort and customer loyalty!

Centralized production monitoring

Skeem allows you to centralize all aspects of your project:

  • Production stages
  • Media and files
  • Discussions and feedback
  • Delivery

Result: Better communication, better information, fewer errors - Comfort!

A solution geared to customer satisfaction

Skeem was created in the field, in constant touch with end-customer expectations. The solution has been designed to get everyone on board, based on the 3 pillars of successful collaboration:

  • Obviousness and simplicity
  • Graphic and visual representation
  • Production flow historization

The result: enthusiastic, committed employees, customers and service providers!

An attractive interface, effective functionalities

Organized around a visual timeline, Skeem provides a global vision of the project and simplified access to each stage. All this, thanks to 5 main functionalities:

  • Schedule creation
  • File exchange
  • Review on any media (video, image, PDF, audio, text)
  • Messaging
  • Stage approval

Result: teams and customers acting in the right place at the right time - Productivity!

Skeem: its rates

/month /unlimited users
/month /unlimited users
/month /unlimited users
/month /unlimited users

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