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Beenote is a governance meeting management solution for your board, committees and teams. Beenote is an easy to use, accessible and efficient tool.

About Beenote

Beenote is a Canadian startup that offers a product to organization who want to effectively improve their meeting management, in either French or English.

What distinguishes Beenote?

From the beginning to the end in the meeting process, Beenote helps to organize effective meetings by planning (collaborative meeting agenda), holding (real-time note taking, time keeper) and tracking (minutes, tasks and decisions).

All the benefits of Beenote

Plan the agenda quickly and send it by email so that everyone will be well prepared. Record all or partially your conversations. You can take notes in real time and visible to everyone or take your personal notes.

You can also track the progress of team and personal tasks. Integrated into your corporate calendar with Microsoft Office 365 or Google Calendar also simplifies schedule management.

You can automatically generate the minutes of the meeting and share them with teammates by e-mail.

Beenote is a collaborative tool, which aims to make your meetings more efficient. Available in 3 versions: Beefree, free version forever, Beeteam version for teams and Beeboard for board. and committees for more security.

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Strengths of Beenote

  • Collaborative Agenda and minutes of meeting
  • Record all or partially your conversation
  • Tasks and Decision Follow-up

Beenote demo and screenshots

Your dashboard with all your meetings and tasks Agenda State in Beeboard Plan

Beenote customers

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Beenote pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

US$2.66 /month /user
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À partir de $2,66 à $10 USD/usager varie selon la quantité


Meeting Management
Meeting Report
Note Taking Management of a task list and note-taking
Notes Sharing
Task Management
Voice Entry
Calendar Syncing
Presentation Template
Shared Calendars
Private Connections Between Users

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