Alobees: in summary

Alobees is a construction site tracking software and mobile app, designed to facilitate the monitoring and supervision of construction sites.

Say goodbye to the hassle of scattered spreadsheets; Alobees centralises all site information, ensuring real-time access. This includes:

  • efficient project tracking,

  • timesheets,

  • document access,

  • intervention records,

  • and up-to-date progress reports.

Which also streamlines payment management for both internal and external participants too! No more manual time entries are needed, saving up to 20% of your time, thanks to quick team planning and effortless timesheet management!

The tool is tailored to meet the needs of small to medium-sized companies in the construction sector: it simplifies user management, making it easy to add or remove team members. It provides enhanced visibility for your workers on the projects they are involved in. Moreover, the app seamlessly integrates into your workflow, facilitating real-time decision-making and improving communication across your workforce.

Its benefits

Efficient Construction Project Management

Automatic timesheets and payroll preparation

Real-time data Analytics and Reporting

Its disadvantages

No financial management, but integrates with Sage

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Appvizer's opinion

Alobees is a versatile software solution that we found highly valuable for managing construction sites. It excels in planning and user experience, offering customisable workflows that adapt to specific organisational needs. With robust data analytics, Alobees facilitates data-driven decision-making and process optimisation. Its user-friendly interface and real-time collaboration features empower foremen with a comprehensive view of projects and individual schedules, leading to time savings and increased productivity. This enhanced communication process significantly improves construction site efficiency.

Alobees: its rates

Alobees offers two primary plans for construction companies seeking improved site, business, and team management:

Standard: 40€/month - around £35/month

  • User management
  • Job tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Timesheets
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited support

Pro: 80€/month - around £70/month

  • Standard Features
  • Logistics
  • Tasks
  • Memos
  • Service Management
  • Choice of Standard Macros
/month /unlimited users
/month /unlimited users
On demand

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Alobees: the complete test

Alobees provides a comprehensive set of features critical for optimising business operations on your construction sites. In this overview, we discovered three main features of Alobees to offer a better understanding of the software's capabilities.

Efficient Site Team Planning Made Simple

Alobees' planning tools are designed to streamline site-related tasks, facilitating work schedules, task assignments, project tracking, and progress monitoring. Users can create detailed project plans, set deadlines, and collaborate seamlessly with team members. The software's intuitive interface makes site management straightforward, even for those with no prior experience.

What sets Alobees apart is its ability to provide real-time insights into planning features, allowing users to identify areas that may need attention or adjustment. Whether you're a small business owner, freelancer, or consultant, Alobees' site management tools can help you stay organised and improve your overall efficiency, making task assignments straightforward for everyone!

Real-Time Site Monitoring:

Alobees offers robust time tracking and productivity features, allowing users to accurately log billable hours, link tasks to specific projects, and easily generate invoices based on their time entries. This is especially beneficial for businesses that charge clients based on hourly work, as it eliminates the need for manual calculations.

Additionally, Alobees provides insightful reporting tools, including billable hours analysis and project-specific time tracking. These reports enable users to monitor their productivity, ensure they remain on course, and have precise data for billing clients. This software is particularly valuable for managers, offering them a comprehensive overview of project sites and significantly enhancing overall productivity.

Automated timesheets

Alobees simplifies time tracking with automated timesheets. It offers tools for role assignment, permission management, and progress monitoring, ensuring the smooth and efficient execution of projects. Whether you're a small business or a freelancer collaborating with a distributed team, Alobees can substantially improve your team's coordination and project success.

Team collaboration is a core focus for Alobees, promoting effective communication and coordination among team members. Users can create collaborative workspaces, share documents, and engage in real-time discussions within the platform. Alobees streamlines collaboration, making project and task management effortless when working as a team.

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Planning agréable


Planning agréable

SCM GOUGEON, published on 22/07/2023 Certified reviews

Bonjour Alobees ! Tout comme les autres commentaires, je suis totalement fan d'Alobees ! C'est pratique, intuitif et très coloré ! Cela rend la planification agréable ! Ce qui manque ? Un champ pour ajouter une brève description du chantier. Mais comme des améliorations sont régulièrement apportées, je sais que cela viendra un jour !

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