Agile CRM: in summary

What is Agile CRM?

Agile CRM is an all-in-one CRM for sales, marketing, and service automation in a unified platform. The tool allows the opportunity to adapt to all Linux, Windows, and Mac environments and helps you efficiently manage team schedules and projects.

Sell and Market Like the Fortune 500 

Agile allows you to automate your sales, marketing and service, all in one platform. Within sales, it allows you to manage the essentials from contact management to your calendar and documents. Agile also has you covered for sales enablement, manage everything from lead scoring to appointment scheduling and document signing. 

When it comes to marketing automation, Agile takes care of the four most essential parts, outreach, web engagement, social and mobile. Same thing when it comes to service management, Agile takes care of the help desk, service automation, live chat and knowledge base.  


  • email marketing,

  • sales tracking,

  • internal chat integration,

  • contact management,

  • marketing automation,

  • web analytics,

  • two-way emails,

  • telephony, 

  • document storage,

  • lead scoring,

  • helpdesk with a simple interface.


On average, Agile CRM has a rating of 4/5 on the major review websites. While most users seem to be satisfied with the program, some have reported basic errors in the software, and a lack of responsiveness on the part of customer support. 


Agile has four plans, firstly there's a Free plan that's for up to 10 users, this one includes basic features and has a lot of limitations for a business looking for the best all-around CRM. Secondly, there's the Starter plan, which starting at $8.99/month includes a bit more than the free version, however still has major limitations like only three plugins included. Then there's the Regular plan, which starts at $29.99/month, this is the most popular plan, and which we think will be perfect for most small to mid-size businesses. And finally there's the Enterprise version, which, starting at $47.99/month, is perfect for businesses looking for the full suite of features and the best Agile has to offer. 

What We Think 

Agile CRM, by all accounts, is a very capable and all-around good tool for any business looking for a reliable CRM software program. However, there are some shortcomings, such as the basic mistakes, and the lack of responsive customer support, that makes it lag behind its competitors. 

Agile CRM - Agile CRM-screenshot-0
Agile CRM - Agile CRM-screenshot-0
Agile CRM - Agile CRM-screenshot-0
Agile CRM - Agile CRM-screenshot-1
Agile CRM - Agile CRM-screenshot-2
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