Charitylog: Case Management for the Third Sector

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A cloud-based solution for charities

Charitylog is a 360° solution for charities to manage their daily operations, launch campaigns and communicate results to stakeholders. It enables you to build a comprehensive database easily and lets your team collaborate more efficiently.

This flexible approach and different pricing tiers mean this solution is perfect for nonprofits of all sizes. Its extensive list of features includes everything you may need to raise funds or conduct your charitable actions, from contact management to event scheduling and the likes.

A complete platform to run your nonprofit

Charitylog is designed to become your central hub from which to pilot your activity as a team. Some of its highlights include:

  • Comprehensive record keeping: keep track of all your members and all the organisations you've been in contact with. Manage groups and attendance to your activities.
  • Schedule meetings and create forms to automate time-consuming tasks. The data collected can be sent to custom fields to organize your data the way you want.
  • Powerful assessment and reporting tools allow you to make better decisions by leveraging your pool of data. Share information to shareholders more easily and launch more effective campaigns with these insights.

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Strengths of Charitylog

  • Built to meet the needs of all types of nonprofits
  • A comprehensive approach for a unified platform
  • Forms and attendence management to streamline workflows

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