Eudonet CRM: in summary

Eudonet is a CRM solution that works with existing e-mails from a company. Because Eudonet is cloud-based, no configuration is required and it can be accessed from anywhere, using computers or mobile devices.

With Eudonet, companies can generate and track leads, manage tasks and track the entire sales pipeline directly in the application. This allows team members to work collaboratively, by accessing up-to-date information about each thread.

Leads management with Eudonet CRM

In the Leads module, professionals can see a list of prospects, as well as relevant contact information. These leads can be filtered by all open leads, my leads, today's leads, transformed leads, and unread leads.

In addition to manually entering a new lead into Eudonet, companies can import existing leads from an Excel spreadsheet.

Leads can be connected to a primary owner, who will be listed in the system as a member of the main team responsible for that client.

Its benefits


Eudonet CRM - Video
Eudonet CRM - Go even further in the relationship with your contacts through Eudostore and enrich your Eudonet new features.
Eudonet CRM - Enjoy a customized CRM solution tailored to your process
Eudonet CRM - Conquer your markets through an all in one console
Eudonet CRM - Embark all your data in your pocket and keep an eye on your activity even in situations of mobility through EudoTouch our mobile app for iOS and Android.
Eudonet CRM - The double competence editor / integrator gained in over 4000 projects ensures complete mastery of the solution, from its creation to its implementation.
Eudonet CRM - Take a step ahead of your customer relationship with Eudonet CRM!
Eudonet CRM - Place your CRM at the heart of your information system by connecting it to all your applications
Eudonet CRM - also have a complete management console to change your CRM to the rhythm of your business

Eudonet CRM: its rates and features

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