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Need a customer relationship management software to improve customer loyalty and customer service support? Discover Oracle CRM on demand and its many management and crm tools. Practical and easy to use, this CRM software was made in the United States, and it was published by Oracle.

This CRM system integrates your company with marketing automation and sales force to deliver you the right tools to succeed and grow as a company. Oracle CRM is data driven. It gives you the ability to manage customer data and predictive analytics in real time while on premise. Oracle is also a cloud based CRM, therefore your sales reps will increase their productivity and efficiency, as they will have more time to focus on their work. 

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Thanks to its many functions such as Lead Scoring, Lead Management systems, and Contact center and Population Segmentation, Oracle CRM is particularly popular. Oracle makes your life easier by taking care of the maintenance and updating of your CRM program. The Oracle publishing company takes care of customer data storage and SaaS for you. All you have to do is go online, and Oracle CRM will be available, through the software as a service management or SaaS model.

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Features and benefits 

  • Sales force automation - increases salespeople’s productivity
  • Improves customer interaction
  • Access to advanced analytics - provides sales reps the ability to handle issues and manage the sales cycle more efficiently

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