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An extension of your team

CloudTask is an on-demand team of sales experts dedicated to accelerating your sales pipeline at each step. Take advantage of the experience and know-how of specialists to generate more leads and grow your revenue with more upsell and renewal opportunities.

This task force will be operational in no time, working hand in hand with your company to find the most qualified B2B prospects and close the best deals. Outsource your sales department to benefit from continuously trained, seasoned professionals without hiring costs or a time-consuming onboarding period.

The expertise of an experienced team to fuel your growth

ClouTask offers comprehensive premium services to boost your sales pipeline and conversion rates. These include: 

  • A dedicated team of Sales Development Representatives: whether you need 1 or 10 salespeople, the team grows with your business for a transparent price
  • Access to a targeted list of quality leads: the B2B leads you need are generated according to your target requirements, so you always invest your time in viable prospects
  • Upfront communication and on-demand reporting: you're always able to track the results of your outsourced team with daily check-ins and on-demand reports

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Strengths of CloudTask

  • A team of experts with a qualified address book
  • An on-demand service that grows with your business
  • Transparent and upfront reporting and communication

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US$10,000 /month
US$17,500 /month
US$40,000 /month

Reach 1200 contacts

Reach 2400 contacts

Reach 6000 contacts




Security & Confidentiality
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
24/7 Support
Dedicated Account Manager
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