ADP: Simple and secure payroll management

ADP is a payroll management software designed for businesses of all types and sizes.

This solution is extremely flexible and can be used on mobile and fixed devices which makes it easier to manage HR processes and employees as efficiently as possible.

More simplicity, security, and profitability; this is what ADP users gain on a daily basis with this solution.

This HR management software integrates all legal constraints despite changes during the year. You gain confidence as your payroll management software provides structure for you. You do not risk missing a declaration or forgetting essential information on a pay slip.

In terms of functionality, ADP Payroll Management covers the following fields:

  • Optimization of payroll costs
  • Social declarations
  • Preparation of pay slips and payment of employees with social security contributions to third parties
  • Simplification of administrative tasks
  • Assessment of risks and costs related to the departure of employees
  • Management of employee profit-sharing and incentive plans

You also have dashboards that allow you to control your daily activity and make strategic decisions quickly.

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Custom Benefits & Deductions
Employee Departure Management
Overtime Management
Payslip Edition
Sick Leave and Accidents
Social Declarations Management
Time Off & Leave Tracking
Wages Payment


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