Top 5 Employee Leave Management Platforms [Reviews]

Top 5 Employee Leave Management Platform [Reviews]

By Nguyen Oanh
Published: 08/08/2022

Employee leave management platforms are becoming more and more important in companies and organisations to dematerialise and simplify lengthy HR processes. In addition to the obvious time savings that online software allows, you gain real-time visibility of your team's schedule, and you simplify the processes of requesting and approving leave.

Forget about tediously managing paper leave requests in an Excel spreadsheet. Appvizer has compiled a comparison of the best employee leave management platforms to facilitate your daily HR management.

Let's get into it now!

What is an employee leave management platform?

An employee leave management platform is software that, as its name indicates, makes leave management easier in a company or in any establishment with an administrative or HR department.

Work leave (holiday leave, sick leave, etc.) is a right in most countries in the world, and during employee leave management, several problems can arise like the lack of communication on leave policy or workforce organisation. That is why an employee leave management platform is very useful and allows businesses to control the different leaves and absences of collaborators and employees.

This system simplifies the work of human resources managers, saving them time and allowing better management without errors and misunderstandings between managers and their employees.

Benefits of employee leave management platforms

If you’re wondering why a company needs leave management software, the answer is simple. Leave management software has many advantages for businesses, managers, and employees, its benefits draw in more and more people, making this software increasingly used in the working world.

Leave management software is known for:

  • practicality,
  • speed,
  • good optimisation,
  • better management.

Leave management software puts an end to all possible conflicts due to days or weeks of leave, and it reassures employees about their days off during the year.

When a company has a lot of employees and continues growing over time, it’s almost imperative to opt for leave management software. Because the more employees you have, the more complicated it becomes to manage them.

A company needs leave management software because it allows employees to easily enter requests for absences and days off, even in case of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies. The software also allows employees to check their salary and leave balances with one click.

Some software is programmed in a specific way so that employees can see and check their colleagues’ days off so that they can determine if their leave requests will be accepted, depending on the availability of others.

Leave management software in a company also facilitates request processing and ensures that the manager or the person in charge is notified at the time of the request. The software can be linked to a computer or even be used as an app on a cell phone.

Key features of employee leave management platforms

A good employee leave management platform will contain these features:

1. Leaveboard

When it comes to leave management, it’s essential to have a dashboard accessible by employers and staff that includes key information and visualizes the remaining leave balance. The dashboard must have the necessary information such as a holiday list, leave requests, leave balance, workforce scheduling, etc.

2. Leave balancing

Employee leave management is a time-consuming and complicated process, especially when you have lots of employees. Good software can help you automate and simplify this process by tracking leave balance for each employee. Employees and managers can see not only upcoming leave but also previous leave taken. This feature helps increase company transparency.

3. Payroll management

An employee leave management solution that has payroll management integrations allows companies to easily transfer payroll information and to work seamlessly. Integrating your employee leave management platform with payroll software will also help you avoid unnecessary compensation errors and misunderstandings.

4. Cloud-based

With cloud-based software, multiple users can work on it at the same time and from different devices. By being multimedia and multi-user, your cloud-based software allows you to save time and be more productive. You can access your data anytime and anywhere because it’s stored and secured in the Cloud.

5. Reporting

An employee leave management platform can automatically generate analytical reports based on real-time data. Thanks to these reports, employers can easily manage any leave requests and workforce in the company. Reports can be in many formats (graph, table, etc.).

Leave management platforms comparison table

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HR Partner

Kissflow HR Cloud

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Pricing on request

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Pricing on request

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Top 5 best employee leave management platforms


AbsenceSoft is an employee leave management platform that can complete an absence request in a few clicks by selecting the desired dates of absence and the reason in employee calendars.

The manager receives an email with the date, the name, and any employee comments. They can access a collective schedule and validate or refuse the employee's request.


  • A responsive and user-friendly web interface
  • A shallow learning curve for faster adoption from employees
  • Information available in real-time

AbsenceSoft personalises your leave management experience with a dedicated URL for your company to access the online tool.


Discover all the following features of AbsenceSoft:

  • Provide work feedback
  • Text messaging
  • Validation or refusal of leave requests (with optional comments)
  • Automatic email notifications of leave acceptance or refusal for employees
  • Real-time access to employee attendance and absence schedules by department and team
  • History of leaves and absences by employee
  • Consult the status of different counters (number of days of leave taken and remaining) by type of leave and by employee
  • Online leave requests (paid leave, time off, sick leave, etc.)
  • Automatic email notifications of leave requests for managers
  • Consult leave balances and the status of leave counters in real-time


AbsenceSoft doesn't offer a free version but its paid plan starts from $9 per month which is very affordable for small businesses.

AbsenceSoft© AbsenceSoft

Employee Leave Management Platform
Learn more about AbsenceSoft


ADP has been providing payroll and HR systems for many years and is a pioneer in SaaS software. ADP is more than an employee leave management platform. The software is known by payroll practitioners for offering high-performance solutions and providing quality service in terms of both integration and customer support.

ADP offers a range of services that are adapted to all sectors of activity and to the size of the company's workforce. ADP focuses its offer on human capital management, which goes well beyond payroll management.

This system, dedicated to small to medium-sized businesses, has powerful management and control tools to simplify and secure leave management. The solution is integrated with other functionalities to provide a single tool that communicates between the various HR functions.


Discover the features of ADP:

  • A responsive and user-friendly web interface
  • A shallow learning curve for your employees
  • Information available in real-time
  • HR management
  • Payroll management
  • Dashboard with key information
  • Workforce organisation


ADP doesn't indicate their prices on their website. All you need to do is request a quote to get your custom pricing.


19 reviews

Simple and Secure Payroll Management
Learn more about ADP

HR Partner

HR Partner is a leave-absence - holiday management software used by many companies around the world. The program can manage employee directories and the portal can be used to check leave balances and request time off. You can use HR Partner to create a basic checklist for staff to check off tasks, as well as a Kanban-like tracking system to move candidates through the application process.

Positions and compensation, performance reviews, interviews, and complaints are all kept strictly confidential. HR Partner helps small and medium-sized businesses save time by managing employee records, time off, recruiting and onboarding, plus training checklists in one easy-to-use cloud system.


Here are the powerful features of HR Partner:

  • Employee records
  • Onboarding checklist
  • Leave balance
  • Expense claims
  • Electronic signatures
  • Employee portal
  • Payroll integrations


  • Core: $43/month
  • Premium: $54/month
  • VIP: $78/month
hr partner© HR Partner
HR Partner

+200 reviews

Employee Leave Management Platform
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Kissflow HR Cloud

Kissflow HR Cloud is an employee leave management platform for:

  • paid holidays accumulated over different periods,
  • unpaid leave,
  • leave for work, family events,
  • fractional leave, seniority leave, etc.

You send your request and the manager receives and validates it by email.

Kissflow HR Cloud integrates an organisational dimension to your leave management through a collaborative space. Employees can make their absence requests in the online system in a few clicks. For better readability, the system distinguishes the types of leave by colour code, allowing you to identify the type of absence immediately.

The tool can be configured by the manager with rules such as days worked, working days, types of leave, seniority leave, creation of employee files, etc. Managers have an overview of their employees' schedules. What's more, each employee has their own calendar for holidays and tasks. Everything is visible in the same place so that you don’t end up needing multiple tools.


What are the features of Kissflow HR Cloud? Here they are!

  • Instant overview of leave requests
  • Policy compliance
  • Streamlined approvals
  • Custom leave policies
  • Approval tracking
  • Leave cancellation
  • Payroll integrations
  • Real-time calculations of absence days
  • Interactive reports
  • Workforce management


You pay for what you use. The price is customisable and available by requesting a quote.

Kissflow© Kissflow HR Cloud
Kissflow HR Cloud

Employee Leave Management Platform
Learn more about Kissflow HR Cloud


Choosing the Sparrow solution means ensuring that your leave and absence management is optimised. The system is intuitive to use; managers and employees can easily exchange information on requests. In addition, all information is transferred directly to your payroll software.

As you can see, in just a few clicks, Sparrow allows you to digitise your leave management.

What are the advantages of using Sparrow?

  • Managers and employees have an effective way of coordinating leave periods, but also an overview of team absences. This solution improves the communication around this process.
  • Employees no longer need to enter their holidays in payroll software. You simply connect your Sparrow software to your payroll solution, this way the process is fully automated.

Sparrow is a complete leave management software that allows managers to have an overview of the requests and to save time when making decisions. The software also appeals to employees because of its ease of use.


Check out the following features of Sparrow:

  • Leave Tracking
  • Budgeting
  • Workforce balancing
  • Calendar management
  • Dashboard
  • Data analytics
  • Employee database
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding.


Like other employee leave management platforms, you have to request a quote to demand the price.

Sparrow© Sparrow

How to choose your employee leave management platform

To help you answer this question and find the right software for your business, here is a list of questions to ask yourself:

  • How many people use the software daily?
  • Do I need software designed specifically for the size of my business?
  • Do I need to consult the leave schedule in real-time?
  • What interconnected software is needed (export to payroll software, HRIS software, etc.)?
  • What is my budget?
  • Does the interface make the tool pleasant and easy to use?
  • Should the software also include time management and expense management functionalities, for example?

Remember that there isn't a single best software. You have to choose the one that meets your needs the most. Understanding your company's needs and budget is essential before choosing an employee leave management platform.

The limits of free and open source systems

Before choosing and implementing free and/or open source software in your company, try to consider its long-term use. Free is attractive, but these solutions still have limitations that should be kept in mind before making a decision.

  • Too small a scope for your use (number of users, for example),
  • Lack of interconnected software,
  • Paid add-on modules,
  • Little to no customer support,
  • No information on data hosting, datacenter locations, and more generally, security, etc.

Managing your employee's holiday time is more complicated than it sounds. Many small and medium-sized companies still use Excel spreadsheets for this task. However, the limits of Excel are quickly reached when it comes to maintaining the tool, especially when it comes to keeping up with the growing size of your company.

You will quickly see the benefits of using a professional solution. It facilitates the work of your HR department. Subscriptions for online software start at very affordable prices, especially when you consider the gains that those systems can bring you!

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