Seeqle: Solution N°1 for Programmatic Candidate Acquisition

Seeqle is a smart marketing solution for recruiting and candidates acquisition through targeted promotion of the employer brand and employment opportunities through online advertising.

Seeqle enables organizations to deliver their HR content on thousands of websites, mobile applications and social networks which active and passive candidates use every day thanks to the analysis of socio-demographic web data.

1. Targeting: Specify your criteria and needs then our algorithms set off to determine the best candidate all over the web.
2. Design: Set the advertising content (visual, video, messages) by following our guides and specify the budget and duration of the campaign.
3. Attract: Launch your campaigns on a thousand spots and attract the best candidates for your company.

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Banner Rotator
Conversion Funnel
Conversion Management
Cost Per Click Management
Application Form
Candiate Search
Employer Brand and Reputation
Job Descriptions Sharing Over Social Networks
Public Profile Crawling
Recruitment Alerts
A/B testing
URL Split
Step by Step Support
Web Design
Ads Management

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