Seeqle: #1 Targeted recruiting software via social networks ads

Seeqle analyses Social Big Data to help you identify, attract and recruit qualified talent you need, directly on social media!

Create entirely by yourself attractive campaigns on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram without any help from Marketing or Design team.

1. Targeting: Specify your needs and our algorithms set off to determine the best targeting criteria
2. Design: Set the advertising content (visual, video, messages) by following our guides and specify the budget and duration of the campaign.
3. Enjoy: Launch your campaigns and receive more and better qualified candidates.

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Conversion Funnel
Conversion Management
Cost Per Click Management
SEO Friendly Links
Application Form
Candiate Search
Candidate Pool
Employer brand and reputation
Job descriptions sharing over social networks
Public profiles Crawling
Recruitment Alerts
A/B testing
URL Split
Web Design
Ads Management

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