Presentation of ADP

ADP is proved to be accurate and comprehensive. It is as well easy-to-use and requires no experience in accounting. It is a payroll management software designed for businesses of all types and sizes.

  1. Small business Payroll (1 - 199 employees)

  2. Midsized to Enterprise Payroll (200 - 1 000+ employees)

  3. Global Payroll Services (multi-country employees)

This solution is extremely flexible and can be used on mobile and fixed devices which makes it easier to manage HR processes and employees as efficiently as possible.

This HR management software integrates all legal constraints despite changes during the year. You gain confidence as your payroll management software provides a structure for you. You do not risk missing a declaration or forgetting essential information on a payslip.

ADP Payroll Management covers:

  • Optimization of payroll costs
  • Social declarations
  • Preparation of payslips and payment of employees with social security contributions to third parties
  • Simplification of administrative tasks
  • Assessment of risks and costs related to the departure of employees
  • Management of employee profit-sharing and incentive plans

Information on ADP
Software edited by ADP
Data stored in the following countries: United States of America (USA)
List of the available languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Castilian

Prices and features of ADP

Small Business

On demand


Automated Tax Deductions
Custom Benefits & Deductions
Employee Departure Management
Overtime Management
Payslip Edition
Sick Leave and Accidents
Social Declarations Management
+ 4 other features

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