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ManageEngine ADAudit PlusA Comprehensive Active Directory Audit Solution

Based on +200 reviews
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Pricing on request

Simplify identity and access management with comprehensive auditing and reporting tools.

Keep track of user activities, monitor security events and identify potential threats with ease. Gain insights into user behaviour, set alerts and automate compliance reporting.

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ManageEngine ADManager PlusPowerful Active Directory, Exchange & Microsoft 365 manager

Based on +200 reviews
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Paid version from US$595.00 /year

Streamline IT management with powerful software that simplifies Active Directory (AD) management, automates routine tasks, and provides real-time reporting.

ManageEngine ADManager Plus offers a comprehensive solution for managing AD, enabling administrators to create, modify, and delete users, groups, and computers with ease. The software automates tasks such as password resets and group membership changes, reducing the time and effort required for routine tasks.

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Paid version from €59.00 /month

This software streamlines access management and enhances security. It offers a user-friendly interface and supports single sign-on.

The software provides a centralised dashboard for managing access to all applications. Its single sign-on feature reduces the need for multiple passwords, saving time and increasing productivity. The software also supports multi-factor authentication and integrates with popular identity providers.

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €2.90 /month

Securely store and manage all your passwords in one place with this top-rated password manager software.

With features like auto-fill, password generation, and multi-factor authentication, you can ensure your online accounts are protected and easily accessible from any device. Plus, with a digital vault for secure document storage and sharing, you can keep all your sensitive information in one place.

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Streamline security operations with a powerful SaaS solution. Manage schedules, track attendance, and monitor incidents with ease.

Trackforce Valiant's Security Guard software offers real-time incident reporting, GPS tracking, and customisable reporting. Improve accountability and efficiency with automated workflows and integrated communication tools.

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Streamline your document signing process with our Electronic Signature software. Sign, send, and manage documents securely and efficiently.

With our software, you can easily add signatures, initials, and text fields to your documents. Our user-friendly interface allows for easy customization and tracking of documents. Plus, our advanced security measures ensure that your documents are always protected.

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Real-time depiction of the signature

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Manage subscriptions seamlessly with this software. Automate billing, renewals and cancellations with ease.

This subscription management software streamlines the entire subscription process. From managing the subscription lifecycle to automating billing and cancellations, it makes it easy to keep track of your subscribers. With this software, you can focus on growing your business, while it takes care of the rest.

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Pricing on request

Streamline access to sensitive data with a powerful IAM software. Manage user identities, permissions, and compliance with ease.

Protecsys 2 Suite's Identity & Access Management software helps businesses simplify security processes. With advanced features like user provisioning, access control, and audit reporting, you can ensure compliance and protect sensitive data.

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

Paid version from €3.00 /month

Securely store and manage all your passwords in one place with this user-friendly software.

LockPass makes password management easy with its encrypted database, autofill feature, and password generator. Say goodbye to forgotten passwords and hello to peace of mind.

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A management console to manage users

Solution available in mobile application

Simple interface and quick deployment

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