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How to send bulk email: 9 tips for sending mass emails

By Nicole HirshUpdated: 20 May 2020, first publication: August 2019

How to send bulk emails? To transmit messages to a large number of email addresses, email marketing comes in handy. But make sure to follow some rules: ensure good deliverability, be in compliance with the Privacy and Electronics Communications Regulations of 2003, mention mandatory company information, manage contact lists, track behavior, and measure performance.

There is no need to browse all the forums on the Internet to get your question answered. appvizer provides you with the resources and solutions to prevent your recipients from declaring your campaigns or newsletters as spam while also recommending professional emailing software. Follow our guide:

9 rules to know before doing bulk emailing

Before sending mass messages to prospects, customers, or a newsletter to thousands of subscribers, it is important to know certain rules to succeed in direct mail. 

#1: Email addresses collected with consent

Since May 25th, 2018, mass emailing in Europe must comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): at the request of the British supervisory authority, you must be able to provide proof of consent concerning the email addresses collected and the purpose of the processing.

You must also provide access to the data to your subscriber users: they must be able to exercise their rights to modify the information collected, cancellation or portability of their data.

The opt-in method, therefore, becomes mandatory in B2C and is strongly recommended in B2B, even if the principle of legitimate interest allows the opt-out in B2B.

#2: The mandatory legal notices

Your recipients must be able to clearly read the following information on each of your emails:

  • Information about your company, i.e. the sender's contact details,
  • The purpose of the email sent to him,
  • An opt-out / unsubscribe link,
  • A link to access and manage your information (modification, deletion, portability),
  • A link to see your newsletter online; some email addresses block the full display of your message.

#3: Deliverability target and zero spam

The sender must ensure the deliverability of emails sent in bulk. The risk here is damaging his reputation as a sender, being blacklisted and losing the confidence of the recipients.

✅ Good deliverability:

  • Results in a high rate of messages arriving in the inbox,
  • Depends on the good reputation of the IP address with regard to ISPs (Internet Service Providers),
  • Requires your authentication as a trusted sender, especially in terms of security,
  • Follows good practices to remain transparent and pass spam filters, etc.

#4: Manage your contact lists to reach a better target

Contact management is essential in more than one way because it allows you to:

  • Avoid duplicates and send the same email twice to the same person,
  • Establish lists of contacts according to interests,
  • Segment according to customer profiles,
  • Better target your messages and improve their effectiveness.

#5: A clear marketing message

From the subject of your email, you must be clear about your intentions and avoid spam words prohibited by ISPs (Internet service providers) who hunt down spam (“free”, “miracle”, “money”, “sexual”, “urgent”, etc.).

The segmentation and personalization of your email lists allow you to send the right content to the right person at the right time.

✅ You maximize the performance of your mass email service campaign when it adapts to the interests of your recipients, their maturity in the buying process, and their buying and surfing habits, their habits as well as the right time to open the email.

#6: Create a responsive email design

A large number of emails are consulted on a variety of screen sizes. It is therefore essential to create and think about email messages in terms of responsive design.

Responsive design consists of making your email readable on any device, regardless of the size of the screen: smartphone, computer, tablet.

Research reveals that mobile internet usage continues to increase: large numbers of emails are viewed on a variety of screen sizes. It is therefore essential to create and think about your email messages in terms of responsive design.

how to send bulk email - infographics

#7: Use an HTML editor

An HTML editor is an IT solution that allows you to design and correct an HTML document, i.e. the web page corresponding to your email.

The editor allows you to manage everything: text, image, template, links, graphics rendering, etc. Depending on your skill level, you can code everything by hand, or rely on a professional emailing solution that protects you from technical errors, while providing you with email templates or advanced features to maximize the return on investment of your high-volume email sending.

#8: Track your shipments

It is necessary to set specific links to measure the behaviour of each recipient and perform performance reports.

Each link in the body of your email has a tracking code that detects the action taken by the user receiving your email.

✅ It is interesting to set up different performance indicators (KPIs) such as :

  • The click rate on each link,
  • The rate of transfer from an email to a contact of the recipient,
  • The deletion rate of the email sent,
  • The email opening rate,
  • The web pages visited following clicks, etc.

#9: Free mass mailings, only a good idea at first sight

Sending mass emails with a Gmail or Microsoft Outlook account is not recommended:

  • Google sets limits of 500 emails per day to avoid spam.
  • You will struggle when setting up tracking links.
  • This practice is not professional because your company is not authenticated as an email sender.

Emailing and SMS software to send large volumes of promotional messages successfully

Comparative table of emailing solutions

The table below summarizes the 3 professional emailing solutions presented in this article:



For all companies For all companies

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Free versionFree trialFree demo

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Free versionFree trialFree demo
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Newsletter2Go: all that is missing from Mailchimp

Newsletter2Go, all that is missing from Mailchimp

The benefits of Newsletter2Go for sending bulk emails:

  • An easy-to-use drag and drop HTML editor,
  • Attractive and responsive email templates designed to launch promotional campaigns quickly,
  • Tracking codes to evaluate each recipient’s performance,
  • Communication with e-commerce CMS such as Magento or Prestashop,
  • Interoperability with CRM tools such as SugarCRM and Salesforce,
  • The possibility of rating subscribers and creating lists of contacts segmented according to the behaviour of the recipients,
  • Tests to verify the deliverability of email campaigns.

Remarkable fact: the emailing platform rewards virtuous companies in terms of deliverability and anti-spam policy. Through the Payback offer, credits are offered based on the open and click rate obtained.
Add to this the fact that there is a free version with up to 1,000 emails a month, you have no excuse not to test the emailing tool!

Sarbacane Sunrise: emailing and SMS solution

The Sarbacane Desktop solution has become Sarbacane Sunrise. The new version of the Sarbacane software allows companies of all sizes to improve their email marketing performance by coupling them with SMS campaigns managed on the same platform.
We notice a faster, more ergonomic, more intuitive interface, with a visualization of statistics to make other emailing software publishers pale in comparison.

Sarbacane Sunrise: emailing and SMS solution

Sarbacane Sunrise's benefits for sending bulk emails:

  • 200 email templates in responsive design,
  • Tracking and dashboard allow analyzing the performances with precision,
  • A segmentation that is easy to implement and accurate,
  • Automation marketing features to trigger the sending of campaigns,
  • Outdated emails and contact databases are cleaned automatically,
  • The creation of multi-channel marketing scenarios to combine the joint effectiveness of SMS and email,
  • Deliverability tests to maximize the opening rate of its bulk email shipments,
  • Connectors to communicate with Wordpress, Google Analytics, etc.

An SMS editor also allows you to enrich your SMS campaigns with images, videos or interactive maps for example.
By combining SMS with email, Sarbacane Sunrise offers SMEs the opportunity to follow the customer and suggest more opportunities to seize, at selected times.
In short, a relevant customer experience for the right targets.


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wewmanager: the emailing tool that uses a large number of data

The wewmanager emailing solution addresses the concerns of key accounts (more than 250 users) with intelligence in data processing (Data Intelligence).
Web marketers rely on a platform enriched with business-oriented artificial intelligence: the solution learns from the behaviour of your recipients to improve your marketing campaigns.

wewmanager, the emailing tool that uses a large number of data

The benefits of wewmanager for sending bulk emails:

  • Coupling with SMS campaigns,
  • A responsive HTML editor,
  • The recipient's knowledge is thorough (Data Mining),
  • Data analysis and segmentation is fine (Data Analysis and Data Smart),
  • Marketing automation features,
  • Multi-dynamic targeting enabled by artificial intelligence,
  • A wealth of modules to produce statistics according to different criteria,
  • An algorithm that detects all errors to ensure optimal differentiability, avoid any risk of spam, etc.

Combined with email and SMS, wewmanager's artificial intelligence offers serious advantages to continuously qualify its customer databases and seize the best opportunities as they arise.

Faced with complex Big Data management, the most discerning key accounts are equipped with a solution that combines the tools essential to data management. The best performance depends on it.


Email and SMS marketing + data intelligence
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Don't forget: “Content is King”

Last but not least, content. We've told you all the tricks to better manage your email marketing campaigns and how to make them as profitable as possible without running into the "spam filter" trap.

In closing, we leave you an infographic on how to best create valid content for your emails.

Creating engaging content helps you be as profitable as possible

Which bulk email software do you use? Share your experience with us!

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