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wewmanager, an email marketing software offered by EmailStrategie

Leading the web 2.0, emailing remains the favorite tool of online advertisers. It is therefore essential today to extend your business model to new technological, social and digital issues.

To meet this challenge, wewmanager offers you the best of email and SMS marketing combined with Data Intelligence solutions to segment, personalization and automation features of your exchanges.

Responsive and segmented emails

This Digital Marketing Intelligence platform allows you to quickly create email and SMS campaigns with its intuitive interface and advanced segmentation features. This feature allows you to target contacts that are truly relevant to your campaign by crossing your fields by dragging and dropping, also called drag and drop.

wewmanager also has a responsive email editor: responsivEditor, to personalize your emails and landing pages.

Business Intelligence in wewmanager

EmailStrategie goes further by including a wide range of Business Intelligence applications integrations into its interface:

  • DataMart: host your database and create your drag & drop segments
  • Data Mining: Automatically enrich your customer knowledge
  • Data Analysis: Track, analyze and compare the value of your targets for your communications
  • Marketing Automation: automate your campaigns according to the behavior of your recipients
Information on wewmanager
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Data stored in the following countries: France
List of the available languages: English, French, German, Romanian, Spanish, Castilian
wewmanager: post-campaign reports, rate of openings, Clicks rates, deliverability, management unsubscribes / IASP / Bounced
wewmanager: post-campaign reports, rate of openings, Clicks rates, deliverability, management unsubscribes / IASP / Bounced
wewmanager: Campaigns Management Emailing & SMS, Customization, A / B Testing, Optimization Deliverability
wewmanager: Scoring TER / RFC, Pressure Management Marketing, Data Mining
wewmanager: Campaigns Management Emailing, Publisher drag & drop, Responsive Design
wewmanager: Database Management, Forms, Landing Page
wewmanager: Segmentation Database, Monitoring Behavioral Segmentation by interest
wewmanager Marketing Automation, Automated Story Creator, Workflow, Sampling, Conditions
wewmanager: dashboard, track campaigns
wewmanager: Email Templates, Events, Promotions, Corporate, Responsive
wewmanager: SMS Campaigns Management, Overview Real-time, SMS Text or Voice

Prices and features of wewmanager

Sur devis

On demand

Marketing Automation

Campaigns Management
Campaigns Reports
Contact Cleaning
Custom Response
Email Designer/Builder
Email Templates
Email Tracking
+ 31 other features

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