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Sarbacane Sunrise: an intuitive and complete email marketing software

Developed in the North of France, Sarbacane Sunrise is an easy-to-use and profitable email marketing solution that allows you to manage your contact list, create and send newsletters, and send emails without it delivering in the spam folder and measure their impact accurately.  . 

Leader on the French market for 15 years, Sarbacane Sunrise is an ergonomic solution that requires no technical knowledge, allowing any user to develop his business, get new customers, build customer loyalty and increase his turnover quickly. 

Now available online and in Windows and Mac software, the solution allows the creation of automated campaign scenarios that can combine the use of email and SMS.

Create quality and responsive emails

Sarbacane Sunrise allows you to focus on quality communication that is preferred by most modern couriers and your audience. Thanks to its pleasant and efficient environment, you will be able to create sumptuous emails for all types of terminals (large screens, tablets, phones). Many professionally created templates allow you to quickly create visuals with your colors, text blocks, images, and especially your buttons that will be tracked by clicks in the dashboard. 

Segment and analyze

The contact management has all the features your company needs to address them in the best way: import contacts, unsubscribe, segmented into different populations, analyze emails, clean up outdated emails and much more.

SMS Marketing

Easily create powerful and highly personalized SMS campaigns with an easy-to-use SMS editor. Thanks to Sarbacane Sunrise, save time by automating the sending of your SMS campaigns to invite, inform and notify your target audience. Surprise your customers with enriched SMS messages, longer than 160 characters, which allow you to add images, videos, interactive maps, and other multimedia content.

Marketing Automation

Sarbacane Sunrise allows you to free up your teams' time by setting up email or SMS campaigns that are automatically triggered on the occasion of a specific event or as soon as the Internet user takes a specific action (account creation, modification of contact details, customer anniversary, appointment booking)

Automatic multi-channel campaigns

Create custom marketing scenarios using email, SMS or both.  Send relevant messages to the right person at the right time and increase the probability of being read by your target audience.

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Strengths of Sarbacane

  • Certifications: GDPR

Sarbacane demo and screenshots

Blowgun Sunrise automatic Campaign Creation scenarios Triggers Blowgun Sunrise Edition form landing page edition, library Royalty-free image Blowgun Sunrise: Detailed Report, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), offline mode, strict control of access to servers Blowgun Sunrise: Campaign Management, Contact Rentals support telephone, email, tickets Blowgun Sunrise: SMS Marketing Managing unsubscribe / Opt-out variant combinations, Campaign Management Blowgun Sunrise: Antispam Test, contact analysis, on-site training, personalized domain name

Sarbacane customers

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Sarbacane pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

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€69 /month


Contact Manager Search and organization application for professionnal contacts
Filters Automated actions on incoming email
Mailing Lists Email address that forwards messages to address groups
SMS Short Message System
Marketing Automation
Automatic Campaign Trigger (trigger, birthday, satisfaction...)
Campaign Scheduling
Campaigns Management
Campaigns Reports Clics, ROI
Contact Cleaning Avoidance of duplication, correction of email addresses, bounced email removal, management of NPAIs and unsubscriptions
Contact Rental
Custom Response
Direct Mail Advertising
Email Designer/Builder Drag & Drop / WYSIWYG email editor
Email Error Management Wrong address, NPAI
Email Templates
Email Tracking
Emails Scheduling
Importing content via URL
Landing Page
Landing Page Template
Mass Email
Newsletter Management
Opt-out / Unsubscribe Management
Pop-up windows
Population Targeting Segmentation & profiling
Responsive Email Adaptive emails; messages adapt to the size of the screen
SMS campaign
Scenario Management
Transactional Messaging
Transactional SMS
Unsubscribe Page
A/B testing
Code Editor Advanced editor to add, edit, or remove HTML and CSS code
Multivariate Testing (MVT)
Testing Report
URL Split
Visual Editor What You See is What You Get
Web Design
Contact Form
Custom Domain Name
Drag&Drop Page Builder
HTML Code Edition
Responsive Design


Integration & Interoperability
API, Web Service Restful APIs
Mac OS
Social Networks Integration
Website (plugin, form)
Windows OS
Offline Mode
Security & Confidentiality
Access Restriction on IP Addresses
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Daily Backups
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Control sensitive business data with built-in DLP policies based on regulatory standards such as PII and PCI, which help to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis.
Personal Encryption Certificate
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Strict Internal Access Controls
Total Data Reversibility
Two-Factor Authentication
24/7 Support
Community (FAQ, Forum)
Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)
Knowledge Base (tutorials, demos)
On-site Training
Online Training (Webinar)

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