Just In! The top news of the web - Week 26

Just In! The top news of the web - Week 26

By Nguyen Oanh
Published: 01/07/2022

What should you take away from the news this week?

In this episode, we’re going to find out more about: metaverse spending increases, the Gartner tech growth and innovation conference, low-code as a trending platform, the benefit and the challenge of remote work and office work, and much more.

Let’s jump into it now!


📱 Social commerce soars as 61% of 25- to 34-year-olds buy on social media

According to marketingtechnews.com, 90% of consumers follow their favorite brand’s social media page. The opportunity for client engagement on these platforms is huge, and many brands take advantage of it to create their marketing campaigns. However, data security and shipping are two main barriers that make clients hesitant to participate. What can a brand do? How can you maintain clients on your social media? Check out the article to find the answers!

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🚀 Metaverse Spending to Total $5 Trillion in 2030, McKinsey Predicts

According to the new McKinsey report, Metaverse spending will increase to $5 trillion by 2030. Big opportunities come along with big competition. Brands tend to move into the Metaverse and if they want to compete with other competitors, they have to renovate their marketing skills. Discover what brands can do in the era of the Metaverse in this article!

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🤖 Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference (July 12 - 13)

Are there any tech fans here? This July 12-13, Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation conference will be held virtually. Attendees will learn more about how to increase retention & growth and enrich the client experience by using technology. Discover all the event information in the article!

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💻 Low-Code Emerges as a Game-Changing Option

The global market for low-code platforms was $13.8 billion in 2021 and it is expected to reach $20.4 billion by 2023. Low-Code has now become a trend because it encourages non-IT employees to build their own platform or application. Discover all the potential of low-code in the article, and maybe you’ll find some ideas to create your own platform!

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🧑‍💻 Remote working vs back to the office: Benefits are clear, but there could be trouble ahead for some

Remote work is advantageous for both employers and employees but not everyone actually understands its value. Some might misunderstand its advantages. For example, some employers don't feel satisfied with the productivity of their employees. To make sure that you can benefit from it, check out this article now!

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🔥 The state of UK accounting: a tale of stress and burnout?

Accounting is more than “bean-counting”. Accountants have a strategic role in a company, which makes them feel stressed sometimes. Not many companies in the UK have flexible planning for accountants, or they don’t have enough technology to optimise their accounting processes. Discover how a company can help their accountants and what the future of accounting will be in a few years in this article!

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